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I work for a utility as an engineer.  My primary function is to handle repairs and projects related to the boiler.  what’s the boiler do, you ask?  It starts the process that enables you to turn on the lights, charge your phone and live a pretty nice life.  You’re welcome!


I came up with this list a few months ago. Some of these are dependent on what you do in the plant, but just about all of them directly apply to my work.
Just some random thoughts…

Advantages to working in a power plant
1. no one really cares if you wear the same dirty clothes for a week straight.
2. farting in the elevator isn’t frowned upon.
3. blowing black boogers!
4. If you don’t like the whole “honey, I’m home” routine, you have a built-in excuse to jump right in the shower.
5.  Honestly, you will get some of the most incredible views of God’s creation (especially from the top of the stack, see pic)
6.  You get to see pigeons just fall dead out of the sky (no lie!).
7.  you see all kinds of sea-creatures in condensers (funky).
8.  there are lots of hiding places (although most are filthy)
9. New safety boots every year!
10. using the old boots to do yard work (come on people, cutting the grass in sneakers is asking to lose a toe!).
11. Are the free leather gloves, glasses and ear plugs considered swag??
12. You can make yourself dizzy by staring down 6 levels of grating.
13. Skip the sauna. Go stand next to the penthouse!
14. Jeans to work EVERYDAY!
15. Old shirt no longer useful? Now it’s a boiler-crawling shirt!

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