Some Simple tools to help you to go Beast!!

Just a quick post while I update my iPod, waiting on my wife to get home so I can go lift.

I thought I’d give you about 10 tools to help you knock out a 500-pound squat, a 415 bench press, or just feel great while you curl those little plastic weights your mom used to have when you were a kid.  No, I’m not giving you tips on supplements,  form or technique, or even reviewing the latest gear.  I’m talking about your mind state.  About what to pump through your earbuds.  I’m trying to help you rock out w/some of my favorite “go buck” songs to lift to.  This is inspired by my impatience of waiting on my wife, and DJ Wade-O’s (@djwadeo) recent Top 5 workout songs.  His seemed to be more towards running.  These are geared towards for tossing iron.  They aren’t really in any particular order.

1. @braillehiphop – “The New Raw

2. @tedashii – “Riot” here

3. @dremurray22 – “My Lane

4. The Empire – “Who Is He to You” (@Voicebox09)

5. @theBreax – “Food for Thought” (feat @MrSwoope)

6. @DJOfficial – “Go” (feat. Tedashii, HGA)  *Note: the remix of this track is on @KB_HGA “Who Is KB” mixtape and it is BONKERS!!

7. @thederekminor – “Mission to Mars” (feat. PK)

8. @Th3oryhazit – “The Champ

9. @BeautifulEulogy – “King Kulture” (Feat. @LeeGreen and @Th3oryhazit)

10. @rhemasoul – “Sky’s Not the Limit” (feat. @eddienigma21)


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Born in Dallas, raised in OKC and Michigan. Grew up wanting to be Bo Jackson, then Barry Sanders, then Stan Lee, Batman and Mike Tyson (yes, in that order). Striving everyday to be used by God for what He has called me here for. Married with a nearly 1-year old daughter (5 years of marriage on August 11!). I'm not witty enough to think of anything else right now.


    • DJ Wade-O
      August 12, 2012

      Thanks for the link up homey. Yeah, I’m definitely running. Once I slim down a bit, I’ll be pumping more iron. Great list.

      • aguilla112
        August 12, 2012

        Yea, I’ve got a nice running mix, but I’m unfortunately always throwing around weights, pulling something.
        That Breax/D-Maub collab from Breax Over III is my jam any run!
        Thanks for the response.

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