5 Things You Should Take Away From the BET Awards

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The 2014 edition of the BET Awards is in the books now. Year after year it proves to be a night full of great and awful performances, great and awful clothes, and a resurgence of “black twitter” in all its great and awful glory. A night full of praise for artists, whether well-deserved or not, and the occasional toss of shade in someone’s general direction.

Each year we see something different. We walk away learning something. For today’s post, let’s take a moment to revisit five things that we will walk away knowing:

  1. Is there no one other than John Legend and Yolanda Adams to call on when a tribute performance is going to take place? I’m not saying either is bad. I like John Legend, and Yolanda has one of the best voices ever. They’re both good. But why does it seem that every tribute to an artist on every award show involves one or both of these two? It’s like they don’t do anything else.
  2. The future state of music seems to be in a rough place, jack. Despite the fact that saying this makes me feel like an old curmudgeon, some of these new artists seem bad for music. I’ve mentioned my thoughts on Jhene Aiko and August Alsina before, so I won’t revisit them. Iggy Azalea, though… Really? She sounds like she’s trying so hard to sound like she has some soul. She can rap, but I can’t stand her voice. Clearly, my opinion on what is good music is beginning to part ways with “the kids”. It was bound to happen at some point, I just imagined it holding off for another 20 years… With that being said, this Gabi Wilson girl is incredible.Seventeen years old and crazy talented. It’ll be interesting to see what the industry does with someone who actually has, ya know, talent.
  3. Robin Thicke has fully turned down for Paula, right? No more being surrounded in videos by bare-chested coeds or being groped on stage by that chick who Columbus’d the twerk. Nope those days are done. Today’s Robin Thicke is all the way turned down. He sits behind a piano and sings the most pitiful songs imaginable. And who can blame him? Paula Patton is freakin fine. But does it seem a little disingenuous to anybody else that he’s selling his apology to her to the masses? No thanks, bruh. I don’t want your boring apology music.
  4. Chris Rock still isn’t funny, but he did a good job as host. The thing about Chris Rock is that he is a good speaker. He speaks a lot of truth. And while I don’t mind listening to him every once in a while, he’s not at all funny. He didn’t suck, though, so there’s that.
  5. Jay Z and Beyoncé clearly don’t have time for the BET Awards, and neither does Lupita Nyang’o. I mean, did anyone really expect Jay and Beyoncé to be there? I didn’t. I don’t know that I expected them to send in a YouTube clip of their tour, though. That was hilarious to me. And Lupita is way too classy to be seen at any event that has a Lil’ Wayne performance on the program. Not happening.

Honorable mentions:

  • keke-palmer-bet-awards-2014

    Keke Palmer

    I’m not usually the one to comment on dresses, but Keke Palmer’s joint with the ovary windows was bad. She’s too pretty to make that kinda mistake. She looked like she was trying to look like Cleopatra, if Cleopatra was trying to look a little prostitute-ish. Do better, Keke.

  • Usher can still move. But I worried he was gonna try to slide on the wrong part of the stage, and one of those rabid fans was gonna trip him up, causing him to fall… At which point I probably would’ve laughed. Also… that hat… Bruh… No.
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw can have all $12 in my checking account. Today. She’s incredible.

I’ll catch you next time…

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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