More Cartoons and Comics I want to see made into movies/TV shows

Last year, I wrote a post about the movies, comics etc. that I want to see made into movies.  The entertainment of The Avengers, the coolness of RED and the all-out bloated nature of the Dark Knight series (yes I loved it, but some folks acted like it was Shakespeare) mean that Hollywood is bound to continue putting out these movies.  There are more movies that I think would be cool to see come to life.

1. Hercules-  I love movies like Conan, Red Sonja and Willow.  When I heard that one of my favorie “actors” , Dwayne “Sometimes I’m the Rock” Johnson was starring in a new Hercules, I got pumped.  There’s a chance this could be The Scorpion King all over, especially knowing that Brett “I screwed up X-Men” Ratner is directing it.  However, I’m holding out some hope that this will be if anything, a cult classic.   On a side-note, how many different races has The Rock now played?  He’s been Black, White, Samoan, Akadian, Elvis-ish, a Fairy and Steroidian, and in 2014 he’ll be the Greek demigod.   He is clearly winning the Hollywood award for “Most Races Played by A Star.”  He’s just ahead of Johnny Depp and Cameron Diaz for first place.

2.  Sticking with the Greek mythology theme, I would love to see a movie made out of the “god of war” video game series.  In the games, the antagonist Kratos is on the course for revenge against Mars, the god of war.  God of war is one of the coolest game franchises ever, but it may be hampered by the awful Wrath of the Titans movies (one of the games centers around the Olympus/Titan wars.  There were rumors of a movie as far back as 2008, and was supposed to star Djimon but things never materialized.

3.  I really want to see a Blade reboot.  Blade started the whole “comic book” revolution, and rarely gets any credit or recognition.

4. I missed the entire series of Smallville.  It was supposed to be a great show, but I never found the time to enjoy it.  I didn’t make that mistake this time around, as I’ve been watching Arrow since the premiere.  One of the cool things about Arrow is the grittiness of the show.  This would look great on the Silver Screen.



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