A Compartmentalized Life

I have a group of friends. I also have a group of other friends. And I also have another group of friends too. All separate and distinct in their own right. Never shall they meet.

I can’t be the only person who does that right? I can’t imagine that people actually introduce all of their separate pockets of friends to each other. Its like mixing the coloreds with the whites… wait, that sounds horrible.

What I’m saying is that I find I fill a certain role in each group of friends that I have. There is a specific role for Chris. Well, that’s not to say that I’m a different person around anyone, naturally Ill always be the incredibly handsome one in any group I’m a part of. But I do find that my role in the group depends on who else is in that particular group. And I’m okay with that.

Case in point, around one group of folks, I’m the smart one and that makes me feel good. Around another group Im remedial. That also makes me feel good, makes me wanna read more. Learn more.

I was talking to someone and we go on the topic of friend groups and he said all his friends know each other. That boggled my mind. How do you intermingle and intermix groups like that? What of the expectations you set for one group directly oppose the dynamics of another group? How do you choose which set to alienate? Why am I asking so many questions? Am I going to answer any of them?



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