A Little Housekeeping

Whats up folks?

Today I want to do a bit of house keeping and let you know a bit about things we have coming up here at Tha Well.


We want this site to be a discussion and as interactive as possible. This means we need you all to make comments. Send in questions. Basically, contact us and let us know you’re out there. We appreciate all the feedback we get and crave more of it. The bigger we can grow the community the bigger the impact these discussions will make. So, as always hit us up with emails as ThaWell@gmail.com  or leave a comment in the comment section. We moderate the comments to make sure you aren’t bombarded with Chinese perfume solicitations. (Tip: Don’t buy them joints they burn…also if you have bought them, your identify has already been stolen.)

Ask Tha Well

While you’re making comments, feel free to send in any questions you may have about relationships, life, music or culture. We will compile them and as needed post a mailbag to answer your questions. Send all those questions to ThaWell@gmail.com

Tha Well Podcast

Subscribe to Tha Well Podcast on iTunes. This is the best way to make sure you receive all the new episodes as they are recorded. We plan on having a lot more coming up in the future.

Leave us a comment. We will read all comments on air, good or bad. We arent like those other shows that only read the good things, we really want to know how you feel. All comments will be read on air.

Tha Well Is Writing A  Book Yall

Finally, I just want to take some time and let you all know that we are writing a book. We plan on finishing it up some time this spring and it will be available at all major outlets, swap meets and out of the trunk of each of our cars. Be on the look out.

Again, I want to say we appreciate you all. We love you and if we could, we’d take you all out for moderately priced dinners.


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I'm a thirty year old man who likes Medicine For Melancholy.


    • Erik
      March 4, 2013

      Chris said, “…we’d take you all out for moderately priced dinners” . He failed to mention that this hypothetical outing would either be dutch or a dine-and-dash type of scenario. So, just to be clear, we wouldn’t be buying, and you should probably bring a good pair of shoes you can run in and possibly hop a fence or two… It’ll be fun!

    • Erika
      March 5, 2013

      Booo! Thought I was about to get a free meal….

      Keep up the good work guys 🙂


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