A Yearlong Challenge

Happy New Year from Tha Well.  It’s still January, so that still applies…

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything.  In the time since my last post, I completed a challenge that I set for myself.

That challenge, which began in November of 2014, was to make it through 2015 with no pornography.   Yep, this is a post about porn.

I laid this challenge out because I was tired of the roller coaster that pornography was causing me and my wife, emotionally.  I knew that the task before me was going to be challenging and tough, but I wanted to make it count.  If you are struggling with this problem, here are a few ways to fight that were beneficial to me.

  1. home4-covenant_eyes Throw them out – To get over over porn, I had to get drastic.  One of the first things I did was lock the web browser on my PS3.  I had my wife put a PIN on the browser that i still don’t know.  It may be a little inconvenient, but it is worth the trouble.
  2. Get help, even if it costs – I paid for a subscription to Covenant Eyes.  For under $10 a month, I was able to get web filtering and reporting for my cell phone, laptop and tablet.  My wife was my accountability partner, meaning she got a report for all of the sites that I visited from my devices.
  3. Explore all options – I made it a point to use my work laptop in lieu of my personal laptop as much as possible.  The filter on my work laptop blocks everything from Facebook, to Craigslist to comments sections.  This forced honesty upon me.

If you are having trouble in this area, I hope that you will stay dedicated and stand firm.  I hope my few suggestions help you to conquer the temptation and fight it head on.

Until next time…

-Marcus (@Aguilla112)

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