Last week, Erik one the dopest, most well recieved articles weve ever had on Tha Well. Erik admitted what the three of us have known for 10 years…he is a hater. Being a very sarcastic witty guy, when I say I’ve known Erik is a hater, I don’t mean that derisively. I appreciate the fact that he has the spherical objects to admit when he doesn’t like things that the majority of other folk may like.

Erik has something figured out that some of us don’t, he knows himself. He knows what he loves and what he doesn’t love and has accepted it . (Those pics may or may not have been switched) Personally, I’m not entirely sure I can say that’ because I don’t know if I’ve accepted who I am.

No, this isn’t a Trapped In A Closet post. You will never get one of those from me, I love Chick Fil-A… also because I love women. When I say I’m not sure I’ve accepted who I am, I mean there are some quirks about my personality that Im not sure I like.

I am not a liar. If you ask me, Ill admit that I chopped down the cherry tree. When I play pick up basketball I always admit if the basketball goes off me before it lands out of bounds. I’ve never cheated on a girlfriend and I download all my music legally. But you’d never know it with the way I answer questions. For some reason its so hard to answer some questions.

Friend: What’d you eat for lunch, Chris?
Me: Oh, who knows?
Friend: Where’d you go after work?
Me: Oh, too a place. A very nice place

How stupid is that? Real stupid. I just need to be a man and tell folks that I go to the library every single day and that I eat a ridiculous amount of chicken nuggets for a 29 year old man.

Ii mean, I won’t got to hide, why act like it

Overly Excited
Sometimes I can get too excited. Whether I’m watching the Superbowl or Gilmore Girls The NBA Finals I get so caught up in it that I’m prone to yell and jump and flip. Its too much. When I realize what I’m doing I get all self conscious.

I read a book by Tony Dungy and he explained that he never hot too excited about any one particular thing because a man should have a handle on his emotions. And the physical manifestations of those emotions. Ideally that’s how is be, but it don’t always work out like that so when I see myself in the mirror cabbage patching because Oklahoma State got a first down I get a tad depressed.

What to do?
I’m not exactly sure, but a giant can of Chill might be in order. I am how I am for a reason, I guess.

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