Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Tuesday’s can get a little desolate round these parts so to fix that I reached out to a friend of mine to see if he can help fill that void.

Laurent agreed to have a post on some Tuesdays coming up just so you all can have something to read, think about and discuss for the rest of the day.

My man is a dope poet and you can find his work at so without further ado.


And so it begins. I gotta be honest when I was asked to write for this page I didn’t really know if I had anything to say, BUT I do know that I had a lot of opinions about cultural events and the like so I decided it would be worth the while to give it the old college try. Anyway I thought it’d only be right in my first piece to let you guys know a few things about me. This is my Love Me or Leave Me Alone List.

1) I’m originally from Houston(Now living in Detroit) so ALL music, and I repeat ALL music sounds better chopped and screwed.

2) I’m a nerd. I was a nerd before nerds got cool and became a passive aggressive form of swag. That being said, Lord of The Rings, both the books and the movies is the greatest epic series ever written.

3)I’m a HUGE NBA fan. Not quite Maniacal but huge nonetheless. The San Antonio Spurs are the greatest organization in the Post-Jordan era, the Greatest team in Basketball in the last ten years and Tim Duncan is the Greatest Power Forward to ever play the game. Here’s my All time Starting Five:

PG- Chris Paul- Excellent Leader, Defender, Passer and shooter. The shooting beat out Jason Kidd and the Defense beat out Magic.

SG- Michael Jordan – No explanations.

SF- Lebron James- See Jordan’s explanation

PF- Tim Duncan – See above

C- Hakeem Olajuwon- One of the top 5 centers, Top 3 behind Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain. Excellent shooter, defender(both weakside and man to man), and floor runner, also is quick enough to guard the 4 and some 3’s.

This team would be a beast athletically, defensively, and offensively, with an astronomical Basketball IQ.

4) I’m also a hiphop fan, both christian and secular, but I’m extremely prejudice in my hiphop opinions and thus despise 95% of the popular artists, both Christian and secular. Top 5 christian and secular emcees


1)Eshon Burgundy 2) Swoope 3)Christon Gray 4)Dre Murray 5)Ca$h Hollistah

Secular 1)3K 2)Jay 3)Nas 4)Lupe 5)Phonte

5) I’m gonna give a few cinematic opinions they’ll probably not go over well.

Don Cheadle is extremely underrated as an actor. He’s better than Will Smith.

As is Edward Norton.

I dig Spike Lee. Most don’t. I do.

The Wiz is better than the Wizard of Oz

Rocky 5 IS the best of all the Rocky movies.

The Cosby Show is the greatest sitcom of all time.

The Wire is the greatest television drama of all time.

Friday Night Lights is the greatest Family Tv drama of all time.

AND BET sucks. Still.

That’s enough for now. Look forward interacting with everyone.


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