Another shooting…

Bruh, I’m tired of this. These shootings keep happening and we keep doing nothing about it. The dudes who decide to kill all these people are all cut from the same mold. They all feel victimized, because life ain’t fair. Some of them complain that women don’t like them, like that weirdo in California, and some like this dude in Oregon, seem to blame religion AND women. In all cases, I’m left looking at our generation of men, like, “what the heck?”.

There are a couple different things that I think are at play here. The media keeps playing up mental illness, but I think it’s deeper than that.

In general, when it comes to women, men feel like they should be able to have any woman they want. And if they can’t have her, then something is wrong with her.

During my time in Canada, I listened as one man talked to another about the women who worked in the plant. He’d apparently been going around trying to spit game to some, but got no play. His response? “Dude, the girls here are cute, but they’re all stuck up.”

Stuck up. Because the idea that these women are beings capable of choice and don’t use that choice to talk to your raggedy behind is just not possible.

That’s part misogyny and part white privilege. No, it’s not unique to white men to feel they can have any woman they want, but it is unique for them to believe they can have ANYTHING they want. News flash: if a woman doesn’t want to entertain your advances, she’s not being rude. She’s just made a decision to not talk to you. Suck it up, and get over it. She doesn’t owe you her attention.

Lastly, my generation has this insane idea that if we have an issue, that everybody needs to hear/know about it. Twitter, Facebook, and yep, even blogs, like this one, tend to give people the false idea that everybody has to hear my grievance. I realize the irony in my words here. The problem seems to be when nothing changes after those grievances are aired, and the next step is suddenly to kill people. While there are some mental issues there, I think we’re ignoring our own collective responsibility.

We have a responsibility to give our children reality. Yes, you are important. You have rights. You have the right to be heard. Your opinion matters. But your opinion is not the end-all be-all. It’s merely one of 7 billion other opinions that exist on this planet.

I don’t know, man. This post had been a brain dump. I’m not even sure if it’s coherent. I’m frustrated.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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Erik Walker

Erik is black.

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    • Ruth Jeremiah
      October 2, 2015

      You may think it’s incoherent but it definitely wasn’t. I totally agree with your opinion; self entitlement and the struggle to obtain significance is real.


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