Appropriate Places To Step (APTS) (Updated)

“Don’t do it dawg. She works in HR.”

A few weekends ago was the yearly event known as OU/Texas weekend, also known as Red Rivalry Weekend. The weekend is an excuse for thousands of folks from OU to drive down I-35 to Dallas to spend a weekend getting drunk in a city they’ll probably move to upon graduation. And plus there is the Texas State fair so there’s that.

Sure I graduated from OU, but I have as much love for the school as I do for getting stabbed in the eye which is exactly what going to school at OU is like.

Nevertheless, I went to Uptown Dallas with a few friends as they celebrated the game. The streets were packed. Folks were having a good time. My friends were doing their thing and I went along with it. I can be a team player. But truthfully, I was out of my element. If it weren’t for the fact that my best friend was in town I’d rather been nearly anywhere else in the world. It got me to thinking. If bars and clubs were made for meeting people, where are the other places? Where do folks who don’t like the nightlife go to meet people? What are some other appropriate places to step to a young lady?


This is the number one, go-to answer most folks give when you ask where to meet women, and this may be true. But is it really an appropriate place to step? Aside, from a singles ministry at what point does the opportunity present itself to holler? Perhaps one could go down for prayer…

Woman: Hi, what are we praying in agreement for?

Man: Your phone number.

Yeah, I don’t know about all that. I think that’s how Eddie Long got started anyway. Too soon? Besides most women in church won’t date anyway. They’re all waiting on their Boaz. Church can be a very appropriate place to step, but you have to tread so lightly it may ultimately

The Grocery Store

Church is, by far, the number one answer, but the grocery store has to be number two when folks are giving suggestions on where to meet. Maybe. This is a far more appropriate place to step, I guess. I can’t think of anything wrong with this one besides looking in her cart and seeing boxed mashed potatoes…or a package of diapers. But do women want to be stepped to in a grocery store? Does it matter or should you take every available opportunity anyway? I need answers.


Absolutely NEVER an appropriate place to step. Nothing good can come from stepping to a lady at work. Yeah, she is FINE dawg, but  you will end up in HR. Tread carefully man.  Just think about if you get with her anyway, you work with your lady dude. Where is your relief? Its like listening to your favorite song, if you play it on a loop everyday, all day, eventually you’re going to hate her face. (I may have mixed metaphors right there.)

What other places have I left off that may have a high APTS score? Let me know in the comments.


After a pretty eventful weekend I found some other places with a high APTS score.

Whether its Barnes and Noble, Books A Million or my personal favorite, Half Price Books, you can’t beat a bookstore when it comes to using that charm and appeal. The environment is usually relaxed and casual and you can tell whether you have similar interests without even speaking to her from the section she’s in. As a general rule there are a few “green” sections and a few “red” sections.

• Literature/Fiction
• Crafts
• Cooking

• Erotic fiction (If she treading Zane, she is not on the same intellectual level. Also, she probably has purple weave and a panther tattooed between her eyes)
• Cooking (I know its a conundrum)
• Whatever section sells them Steve Harvey “advice” “books”

The After Hours Taco Spot
One thing I learned abou dudes from women this weekend is that dudes don’t step in the club. I think this is true. The last time I went to the club there were packs of women, but all the dudes were just lining the walls. It was like 7th grade all over again. (Well, I wasn’t 4’10, but the rest was the same).

Seeing as how none of these women were approached at them night establishments, they’d be more than responsive while eating pork, chicken and beef tacos. At that point they’d just wanna talk to someone, right? This one rates real high





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