At A Loss

Watching the proceedings in Ferguson and I can hardly put my thoughts into words. What can I say or write about this situation that hasn’t been written or spoken by hundreds of people over the past three months? What can I expound upon that would be anything everyone hasnt already heard?

There isn’t anything new under the sun.

It’s 2014 and black lives still do not matter to a large majority of people. The game has been and continues to be rigged. We aren’t playing the same game. Black people live in an entirely different America than our white countrymen. It’s not even close. Wealth, health, incarceration rates, education gaps, its all disproportionately in their favor. I love my white brothers and sisters, I have no ill will or thoughts about any of them. I just wished I lived in the same world they did.

I just…

I have no words…

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