AT&T can kick every rock

I have been an AT&T customer forever. I got my first cell phone in 2000, back in the Cingular days. My dad was even a 44-year employee of Southwestern Bell/AT&T before he retired in late 2013. Because of that, I was loyal. Well, the loyalty is over. I gotta move on.

I’ll try to make the back story as brief as possible, because I want you to read the transcript below in its entirety.

logo-att-color-trans-200x200So while I lived in KC, I had U-verse TV. I loved it. I had my bill combined with my wireless just for convenience. When I moved in April, I decided to cut cable entirely and see how I liked it. I called AT&T to cancel and find out where I needed to take my equipment. All good.

The next month I got a bill. It looked like it only included the days that I actually had cable, so I paid it. But I continued to get bills. I called about it a couple of times, but continued to get bills. Finally, the representative on the phone told me to pay only the wireless portion and the rest would be taken care of. So I did.

With my job sending me to Canada for most of the summer, I racked up a pretty big phone bill due to international texts and some calls. I sent in a payment, but since my accounts were still linked and the U-verse account was open, AT&T decided to apply that payment to U-verse instead of wireless. I called about it, because I was getting notices that my phone would be cut off if I didn’t pay (again). It was supposedly taken care of. Supposedly AT&T U-verse was transferring the money to AT&T wireless, which, surprisingly, requires an act of Congress… Except it wasn’t taken care of. I kept getting notices. So I called again. I was told again that it was going to be taken care of. The next thing I know, my phone account has been suspended, and I can’t make any calls or texts.

So I decided to try the chat for support on the AT&T website. This is what happened:

AT&T [Agent #1] : Hello! My name is Elisa-D. How may I help you today?
Me : Hi. My account has been suspended and it shouldn’t be. There is a balance on my account that was incorrectly sent to a Uverse TV account that I tried to close in April. They told me they were transferring that payment over to the wireless side.
Me : So the amount I owe has already been paid to AT&T, but my account is suspended.
AT&T : I’m sorry to know about the incorrectly posted payment. Allow me to review your account first to see if the payment has been transferred successfully. Then we can coordinate with U-Verse afterwards to look into transferring the payment. May I ask the exact amount of the payment that was transferred?
Me : $xxx.xx
AT&T : Thank you!
AT&T : Please give me 2-3 minutes to further review your account and check for resolution.
Me : Ok
AT&T : Thanks!
AT&T : May I ask when was the payment made?
Me : Let me double check…
AT&T : Sure. Thanks so much!
Me : Looks like I paid it around the beginning of Aug or end of July.
AT&T : Thank you, Erik. I may need to coordinate with U-Verse department for further options.
AT&T [Agent #2]: Thank you for contacting AT&T, my name is Austin. Please allow me a moment to review your previous chat, I’ll be happy to assist you further.
Me : Ok
AT&T : Thank you.
AT&T : I understand that you are having concern related to the U-verse Bill. Am I correct?
AT&T : I have not received any response from you. Please let me know if you are receiving my chats so that we can continue.
Me : Yes. The U-verse bill shouldn’t exist. I called to cancel it in April and turned in all my equipment. I’ve called a couple of times to try to see why I’m still getting billed, and I thought it had been resolved. The issue is I had U-verse and wireless coming to me on the same bill…
Me : I made a large payment intended for wireless, but it was sent to U-verse. U-verse agreed to transfer it back to wireless, but in the meantime wireless has treated it like a delinquent payment and suspended my service.
AT&T : I am sorry to hear that.
AT&T : Erik, I will refer the chat to our Billing team who can help you with this.
AT&T [Agent #3]: Hello, I apologize for any delay in reaching me. I noticed that you were speaking to another representative. Please bare [sic] with me a moment while I review your previous interaction and I will be happy to assist you further.
Me : Ok
AT&T : I have reviewed the notes from your previous interaction; just to be clear, you were trying to to know about the U-verse account which you requested to cancel before and your payment has been incorrectly sent to the AT&T U-verse account . Is that correct?
AT&T : I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced regarding the service interruption on your account . You have reached the right person. I can help you with that!
Me : Yes. I’ve talked with people before, and they said the transfer was in progress.
AT&T : I do understand how frustrating this could be for you. Let me quickly work on it to get it fixed to completion.
Me : Ok
AT&T : May I please have your name and account number?
Me : Erik Walker
Me : xxxxxxxxx
AT&T : Thank-you so much for the information, Erik.
Me : The Uverse account was XXXXXXXXX
AT&T : The AT&T U-verse account should be of 9 digit.
AT&T : Absolutely! Perfect.
AT&T : In order to protect your private information, please provide the passcode on your U-verse account. This is a four-digit numeric passcode that you established for account security.
Me : Should be xxxx
AT&T : I do really apologize the pascode [sic] didn’t match with the system record. Let me quickly ask you the security question.
AT&T : Could you also help me with when did you contact last time to get the amount transferred to your Wireless account?
AT&T : Answer to your account Security Question –What is your favorite restaurant?
Me : It was a couple weeks ago, I think
Me : xxxxxxxxxx
AT&T : Absolutely! Perfect.
AT&T : Erik, please allow me a moment while I look into your inquiry and I’d like to thank-you for being a valued AT&T customer while I working on your request. How is your day so far?
Me : It’s been ok (<– This was a lie)
AT&T : Erik, upon checking I’m able to confirm your AT&T U-verse account is still open and TV service hasn’t been removed yet. Please do not worry it can be canceled using back date.
AT&T : Let me check the payment if it has been reversed or not.
Me : Ok
AT&T : You made a payment of $xxx.xx on your account on 08/03/2015.
Me : Yes. I had my bills for U-verse and wireless combined. That payment was intended for wireless.
AT&T : You need to call our Customer Relation Office at 1-800-288-2020 toll-free number to cancel the service. I need to get you connected to our Account receivable office to get the payment transfered.
AT&T : I would like to help you with getting your questions answered as quickly as possible. If you do not mind, it will take me a moment to connect you to a specialist in the Account Receivable office who will be able to assist you.
Me : ok
AT&T [Agent #4]: Thank you for using AT&T Chat Services today. Please give me a moment to review your chat so that I am able to assist you.
Me : ok
AT&T : I understand that you made a payment towards your U-Verse Account that was intended for your Wireless Account, correct?
Me : Yes
AT&T : I’ll be more than happy to take a look at the accounts and see what we can do for you.
Me : ok
AT&T : Please give me a minute or two to review your account.
AT&T : Thank you for patiently waiting.
AT&T : I do show that your U-Verse bill totaled $xxx.xx, and was due on the 22nd of August. Since the amount owed was past due we will not be able to transfer the funds over to your Wireless Account, even though it did result in credit of $26.49, which will be placed towards your next months bill.
Me : Here’s the thing. I called and had that U-verse account cancelled back in April. I turned in all my equipment. There shouldn’t be a bill at all.
Me : I made my last payment to that account in May. When I called about the bill still being there, I was told to just pay the wireless portion of my bill and it would be taken care of. That’s what I did. I’m not sure why that account is still open.
AT&T : I apologize for the inconvenience.
AT&T : Since the account has not been closed out as you have requested, you will have to get in touch with our Customer Loyalty Department at 800-288-2020.
Me : I don’t really have a good way of doing that. My phone is suspended because of all of this nonsense. Is there no one I can talk to here??
AT&T : We won’t be able to refund or move any balances over from your U-Verse Account until it is properly closed out by our Customer Loyalty Department.
AT&T : I do show that your Mobility Services have been suspended. We could restore service for a minimum payment of $xxx.xx, which is the current past due amount on the account.
Me : I don’t see the sense in me paying money that I’ve already paid. It’s a problem on your end that the U-verse account is still open despite the 4-5 times I’ve called about it.
AT&T : Again, I do apologize but that is the only available option at this time.
AT&T : Are you available to continue?
Me : Available to continue chatting? If someone can help me cancel the account, yes.
AT&T : Our Customer Loyalty Department is not available via chat. The only way to get in touch with them is by contact 800-288-2020.
Me : ok
AT&T : It has been a pleasure chatting with you today. AT&T appreciates your business. Have a wonderful day!
Me : I know it’s not your fault, but this doesn’t help me much. Thanks, though.
AT&T : You are very welcome.

So I’m done. I’ve fought this battle all summer over the course of 5 phone calls (where I was passed off from agent to agent) and one chat session (where I was passed off from agent to agent) without getting the problem fixed. Task #1 when I get back stateside is to cancel everything I’ve ever had with AT&T. I’m done.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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    • Ruthie
      September 6, 2015

      Push,4/ward and let the good times roll on. Happy shopping for a new company. Hopefully, they will get you some great, service.

    • Grace Coffey
      September 6, 2015

      This Sucks! But I know what you are going thru! These companies don’t care about the little man! In your case don’t give up!
      Walk in an ATT office and demand to speak to the manager face to face. You were probably talking to someone in Asia!


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