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Normally, I’m a pretty diplomatic guy who tries to see every situation from all points of view, but recently some life events have shown me that women want every guy they meet to be a bad guy.

I’m not sure if its a defense mechanism or too many folks listen to all these she-woman, hate men singers proliferating the airwaves, but when it comes to a lot (not all) of women these days (yeah I’m old) start guys with an 0-2 count. [Ed note: That’s a baseball term meaning, oh forget y’all don’t care about baseball]

That is soooo pessimistic to me. I’ve been done wrong and hurt by women, but each new potential relationship begins with a clean slate. Women are like elephants (shout out to all the Deltas), they never ever forget. They don’t forget the guy who did them “some type of way” although I would guess that 47% of the time he aint do her no kind of way. (Yeah I went to college…twice).

Just seems like people are looking to be hurt so it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy and each and every perceived slight is made out more than it is. It’s not even a matter of women loving harder than men (which is a stupid concept to begin with). It’s a matter of one population understanding that there is no such thing as perfection and another population who aint get that idea yet.

Or something…I don’t know I might be rambling.

Random Thoughts:

  • I started a Facebook account for one day to see if I missed it…I dont.
  • Social media is so negative. Apparently black folks can only get people to laugh by insulting, shading or cracking on other people.
  • Russell Westbrook is the heart and soul of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the best player on the team. Anyone who advocates trading him for any other player in the league is STOOOOOOOOOPID
  • Ta-Nahesi Coates is a BEAST



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    • Ruth
      June 2, 2014

      I don’t have much to say other than I do see where you’re coming from. I just don’t think most women think this way, at least none in my circle. I know some of us women are very wary of new relationships, especially if the last several were not the best. Because of that we tend to some times self sabotage good relationships. But I think it does have some to do with the kind of man we choose to date.

      I don’t believe a lot of women want every guy to be the bad guy. There are plenty women that don’t, you just gotta find them.


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