When I was in college I knew a guy who really liked a girl. He liked this girl so much that he would call her constantly, invite her to hangout during any spare time the two had. This guy even went so far as to cut this lady’s little brother’s hair.

As I watched from a distance I felt like he was accomplishing what Fat Albert did every time he sat on a sofa, you know making a big impression1. But every time I asked the dude where he was with this lady, he usually had the same answer, “she’s not dating currently.”

On paper these two seemed like a perfect match, same age, both witty, enjoyed the same kind of music, watched the same kind of movies, generally had similar views on life and to top it all off, both were Christians and loved God. But as hard as he tried, she would never date him.

Why not?

I have no idea. The only thing I know is that in my experience, the majority of black women that I’ve ever encountered simply do not date. My roommate pointed this out to me and, at first, I didn’t believe him, but when I started to actually look at it, I noticed the same thing.

Ever since he pointed it out to me, and its been nearly 10 years I’ve noticed the same thing. These ladies just aint dating. And that would be fine, if not for the fact that I constantly see the same ladies on Twitter and (when I was on) Facebook lamenting the fact that they are true Proverbs 31 women and they haven’t met their Boaz yet.

Fine, I get all of that, do your ribbon dance and all, but I’ve seen several ladies turn down perfectly qualified “Boazs”

Seriously, what is the deal? I understand that folks are waiting longer and longer to get married and we all know that person can live a perfectly unwasted life without ever getting married, but it seems like a lot of these women are simply waiting…waiting…waiting… for some perfect situation that probably wont ever happen. Its like the man drowning who prays for God to save him…

I won’t even get into the small subset of those women who do actually date, but never date a christian man…meh, that’s another conversation.


Honestly, what is it?

Comment and explain this to me.

1. Doom, doom, crash.

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