Bring on the NBA… and heartbreak

The NBA returned to us last night. It’s a good thing too. While college football is carrying its weight by producing intriguing match-ups and tight contests, the NFL is pooping the bed and shoving in front of us in the form of primetime games on a weekly basis. Baseball is winding down, but it’s baseball. Last night the NBA walked in to save the day.

The last time we saw the NBA the Warriors were blowing a 3-1 lead in the finals to LeBron and ‘nem (just wanted to remind you that that happened in case you forgot… you know… for the culture). And as excited as I am for the return of the NBA, I have mixed feelings. See I’m an OKC Thunder fan. Yeah… the same Thunder who are starting this season without a certain former league MVP.

Unlike a bunch of other OKC fans, I’m not mad at ol’ what’s-his-name. He made the move that he thought would be best for his career. I’ve made a couple of those in my life too. But just because I’m not mad doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt. It did. A lot.

The best way I can use to describe it is to analogize it with… ummm… Okay, let’s say you met this chick. When you first met her, you weren’t even sure if she was that fly. As time passes you get to know her and begin to realize just how fly she really is. All your friends, and even randoms on the street, make mention of how fly she is. She’s the cream of the crop. You start making plans for the future. Your future with her looks promising. Then on July 4, 2016 you find out through the grapevine that she’s leaving you for this other dude who’s more handsome than you, taller than you, wealthier than you, dresses better than you, is funnier than you, is built like a Greek god, and drives a better car than yours. Perfect. Not only did she leave you. Not only were you not expecting it. But she left you for that dude. Smh. Eff that dude.

Kevin Durant broke up with my city, man. He broke up with my city for a situation that will undoubtedly lead to a bunch of success. Success that is going to be the biggest story in the NBA. All. Year. Long… I just… I can’t… Ugh.

Be good.


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