Christians Be Having Eyes Too Yall

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret today. Ready for it?

Men love attractive women.

Profound, right?

Most men with good old ‘Merican blood flowing through their veins desire and want to be with an attractive women at some point in their life. I guess that really isn’t that big of a surprise or anything new. But something we rarely talk about is the fact that Christian men want to be with attractive women too.

We’ve written here often about women with their lists and how they wait for their Boaz’s, but a lot of Christian men do the same thing. When we make our lists of what we want in a mate, we list those things we know we should list: Loves God, sweet personality and disposition, has memorized Proverbs 31 and doesn’t listen to Beyonce1But deep down most God-fearing men won’t admit that clear skin, long hair or a 2:1 hips to waist ration is right up there as well. In our holier than thou aspirations we can’t possibly be honest with folks and let the know that we want someone who is physically attractive.

I admit that every now and then I get lost in the rabbit hole that is Instagram. One click leads to another click leads to another click and next thing you know I’m mentally double tapping a picture of a girl I don’t know in a blood flow restricting dress that she posted 86 weeks ago. On the outside I can say I want this, but inside I praying she’s devout and looks like this.

How much should the physical weigh on my level attraction for a woman?

Men are visual creatures. In fact, the first poem ever uttered by a man was when Adam first saw Eve and was like, “Woah!” Let’s be honest, Eve was standing there all naked and what not and I doubt Adam was amazed because Eve woke up reciting the five points of Calvanism.

Just looking through biblical history I think plenty of Christian men based their marriage decisions on the physical attractiveness of women. Look at Samson, I bet Delilah was FINE. I know for a fact ain’t no way on Earth Jacob worked 14 years for Rachel if she wasn’t so fine you apologized for even looking at her. And I haven’t even mention Solomon’s woman. She was so fine dude wrote a whole book of the bible about her. He was like the first Babyface…yanno without all the simping.

So how much should physical attractiveness matter to a Christian man? How much should it matter for a woman?

I really don’t know. Let me know what you think in the comments.



1. That rules out 97% of black womens, sadly.

2. Delilah was probably light skint too because we all know how shady  light skint women are.

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    • Marcus
      June 24, 2013

      It matters just as much to us as it does anyone else.
      The difference is that Christian men hide the fact that they want a fine woman and the features they seek out.

      You like what you like. Christian men shouldn’t mask their feelings about that they want in a woman. Just can’t cross that dangerous lust line…

    • Erik
      June 24, 2013

      Any man that says that physical appearance isn’t important is lying hard, Christian or not. Outside beauty fades, yes; but it’s pretty freakin awesome to have it there in the beginning.

    • ruth
      June 25, 2013

      In my experience it is the Christian men who are the most vocal about physical characteristics. That’s not a bad thing, though. We are all human and we see with our eyes first.

      • Chris
        June 25, 2013

        I agree the men are more vocal. I want to say something without sounding too bad, but I cant so ill just say it. A lot of women in the church (the mythical black church) don’t carry themselves in a manner appealing to men. Sounds awful yes, but a lot of women dress frumpy in an effort to be conservative which is perfectly fine. I would rather a woman be too conservative that outchea with them thangs hanging all out, but there is a line. A woman can be conservative without looking like the mother of the church. Also, a lot of black women…in the church and out of the church are overweight. Keep in mind what im saying for women is true of men also, I guess im just speaking of my situation as a man looking for someone.


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