Confidence Levels

Listen, I don’t care what anyone tells you, confidence is a fluid thing. There is no one on Earth who is confident about 100 percent of things, 100 percent of the time. It just isn’t happening. Even Kevin Durant misses free-throws sometimes. Even Denzel Washington makes a terrible movie. Even Randy Watson messed up some of his lines when he portrayed Joe the Policeman on the “What’s Going Down” episode of That’s My Mama.

Confidence comes and it goes, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes we all need a sudden boost of confidence. Just a quick hit of that fire flower before an important meeting, job interview, or before you step to the fine lady on aisle three with all those single serving groceries in her basket. The good thing is there are some outright, tried and true sources of confidence. These sources of confidence are plentiful, renewable, and everlasting like light skint booty “models” on Instagram.

Significant Other Comment/Compliment

There is absolutely nothing better than someone you like or love (depending on where you are with your DTR) telling you that something you did, something you wore, or something you said was dope. All the compliments in the world from that lady on the train cannot compare to the one compliment you get from the lady you send the good morning text to every day. True story, my significant other once told me my cooking was, “not bad.” I walked out of my front door and down to my car, because I felt at that moment I could lift it over my head. Compliments from bae is like the ultimate PED. Permanent heart eyes lead to permanent heat checks.

Homeboys and Homegirls

Your friends acknowledging something you did was great is a giant confidence boost. You probably won’t be out there feeling like you can comfortably lift a building or full-size vehicle over your head, but you can for sure lift that Power Wheel with the dead battery your parents keep in the garage for the grandkids that you “still aint had yet.”

The reason your friends opinion matters so much is because they know you when your’re super lame and annoying, which is – let’s be honest – like a good 75% of the time. They know you when you aint hitting those notes just right, or your shoes don’t match your accesori, or when you mess up telling that joke, so when you finally get it just right and they acknowledge it, its causes an exponential effect.  I feel like 90% of friendship is reminiscing and laughing over the exciting 5% of the relationship.

Post Haircut

The post-haircut confidence boost is real. Many folks won’t understand it, or appreciate it, but for those of us who are still fortunate to grow hair, stepping out of the chair does something to you. Layoffs or other personal calamities tend to disappear into the walls (like a Drake song) after a fresh cut. Don’t drink your problems man, line them away. Studies that I totally made up have shown that a man will increase his lip smacking and pretty boy laughing by approximately all the percents after a haircut. Its real. A fresh haircut is even worth all that a man has to go through whilst getting it, namely the barber resting his junk on your forearm, and the eye strain caused by attempting to look any place other than into your barber’s eyes when he/she is lining you up.

There are other confidence boosts, however these are probably the greatest in magnitude. If you can think of some others, let me know in the comments.


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