What do y’all think of Creflo, man? Usually I steer clear of putting out public opinions when it comes to pastors and such. I usually refrain because I know how easy it is for the words of a pastor to be twisted and misconstrued by public opinion. It’s way too easy for a pastor’s words to be taken out of context.

So when Creflo said things in the past that angered people, I stayed out of it. Like when he joked about killing people who don’t tithe. Did it sound bad? Absolutely. Should he have phrased that the way he did? Nope. Should he take it upon himself to kill people who don’t tithe? Only if prison is one of his life goals.

In all likelihood he was joking (at least, I hope). It was probably one of those times that a pastor takes one too many liberties and makes a crude, pointed joke, that when taken on its own, sounds really, really bad… See, even in that explanation, I used language that points to the fact that I have no idea what he really meant when he said it. So I’m not here to pile on pastors for soundbites that could be misunderstood. He just shouldn’t have said it.

gulfstrean-g650But when you set up a GoFundMe project to raise $65 million for a top-of-the-line private jet… Bruh… BRUH… C’mon, man. Not only is it patently absurd to set up a GoFundMe (which is normally used to raise thousands of dollars) for $65 million, it’s insane to try to raise it for a jet. I mean, think about it. Let’s say you raise $65 million for a private jet. Now you have a jet, but no pilot, nowhere to store it, and no fuel to use. So $65 million (assuming that was all in the cost of the jet) is only the first obstacle.

Let’s say you get those issues knocked out. Let’s say the $65 million includes the pilot, storage, and fuel. Even if you’re going somewhere to do goodwill, you’ll have more expenses whenever you get wherever you go. So, again, $65 million is the first obstacle. I heard somewhere that the goal was to fly to some country in Africa to feed people. If true, that’s awesome. But how many people could you feed with $65 million?! How many Southwest tickets can you buy with $65 million? How many flights to places to do goodwill on Earth would you have to make to reach a break-even point on $65 million? What about interstellar trips? Can you find people to feed on Mars for which the $65 million could be a down payment?

My point is you don’t need a private jet, bruh. But I would have loved to been in the room when they had the meeting and someone decided that setting up a GoFundMe for a private jet would be a good idea. Hilarity had to have ensued.

Back in December I flew from KC to Sacramento for my uncle’s funeral. When we landed, I looked up and noticed this dude who was sneaky tall. When he turned around, I noticed it was Chris Mullin. Chris Mullin played for the Golden State Warriors for a number of years and was a member of the original Dream Team with Michael Jordan and ‘nem in Barcelona in ’92… and he was flying Southwest.

Creflo, bruh… I’m glad you all took the GoFundMe down. Good lookin out. Fly commercial, homie.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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    • Ruth
      March 26, 2015

      Whoever thought raising money for a jet when you have the rep you have is, well, intellectually challenged.

    • ryan
      March 26, 2015

      Great read, you made some good points.

    • Ruthie
      March 26, 2015

      Well…..all points are something to be thought about, seriously, Pastor Dollar.

    • m
      March 26, 2015

      A private jet is definitely a luxury. If his salary allowed that expense, I say go for it. But if not, go take several seats Creflo. We all have to work for what we want. If you can’t afford it, then join most of society, and not have your own private jet.


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