CyHi vs Kanye: Rap Beefocalypse 2015 continues

So I’m not sure if you heard but Drake and Meek Mill are pillow fighting beefin. Of course you heard. I, largely, don’t care. I will say that for all the crap I talk about Drake, dude is talented. And “Back to Back” is kind of a nice track. I haven’t spent much time on Twitter in the past three months, but I hear the interwebs have been alive with Meek Mill memes. If you haven’t seen any of them, let me help you out right fast. Funny stuff, right?

Well, Wednesday (8/5/15), CyHi the Prynce came out with a track called “Elephant in the Room”, speaking out against Kanye West. The profanity-laced intro seems to point directly at the source of CyHi’s anger.

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From the sound of it, CyHi had been waiting on Kanye so that he could get his album out. He says some stuff about riding around with a gun, killing Kanye, and leaving him on the other side of town. Then later he talks about kidnapping him. Also, early on in the song he says he’s coming for Shawn next, which is likely a reference to Jay Z. And he says he’s doing all this “because nobody wanna listen to the kid rap”.

I have some takeaways:

1. I had no idea what a CyHi was until I heard this song. Maybe I’m out of the loop (I’m probably out of the loop), but I’d never heard of this dude.

2. He refers to himself as “the kid”. According to ol’ buddy’s Wikipedia page, he’s 30. His days of referring to himself as “the kid” should have ended somewhere around his last birthday.

3. Dude is kinda violent. He’s talking about shooting Kanye in one verse, then in the second he’s kidnapping Kanye and slapping Kim K. Okay, cool, but I can tell you why he won’t do any of that crap in two words: Bobby Shmurda.

Overall, looking at this and the Drake/Meek Mill thing, I’m left asking, “WHAT IS THIS?!!” Rap beefs today are stupid! These dudes are not all threatening. I don’t know enough about Meek Mill or CyHi to know how much of a threat they really are, but I know how soft Drake is, and I know how ungangsta Kanye is. Anybody who is beefin with either of them probably isn’t really about that life.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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    • David
      August 6, 2015

      This is funny. I could hear your voice throughout the article, lol. Like you never left. I respect CyHi’s approach better than Meek’s. CyHi has more of a point in reference to letting him eat or shine, so to speak, and put out his work. Instead of Kanye just continuing to put out his own albums. But hey, either way it goes, none of them has a direct affect on me and what I’m doing. In other words, who cares!


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