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No collective discussion today, we’re saving it all for the podcast. So today I just have a quick follow up to yesterday.

Yesterday I wrote about the Long Drawn Out Conversation (LDOC) and I got a lot of responses offline that I was not a person existing in reality. Basically, I was making a big deal about nothing and that I should enjoy the long time consuming conversations I get to have with beautiful women.

Yeah, they were all wimenz.

Well, while I was at work I began to think about another thing that has ruined relationships for me, my routine. I fear that I’ve finally gotten to that age where I am so stuck in my way of doing things that it’ll be next to impossible to have a relationship. Basketball is on Monday evenings. Monday. Evenings. I don’t care if Michael Jackson came back and was moon-walking at North Park Mall, Mondays are for doing moderately athletic things far below the rim.

I am very reluctant to switch up my routine. I been doing the same thing since college, its my comfort zone. I can’t even lie when I say that any disruption to the routine that I’ve cultivated all these years gets me a little very irritated. The older I get the more set I am.

Am I doomed? I tend to think not, because I see folks everyday with mates who I couldn’t imagine could find someone.

But at the same the force that compells me to do the things I do get stronger each day. Its like the force to do things my way get.stronger each passing minute because im single but the only remedy is being with someone who most likely will make me do things differently than when I was single, making me want to be single.

A mystery wrapped in a riddle.

Let me know, can being set in your ways be un-over-comeable?



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