Donald Trump didn’t break America, he just proved that it never was not broken

Donald Trump sucks. The tape that was released this past weekend just served as another reminder of how much Donald Trump sucks. And anyone who subscribes to the lazy spin that his campaign put on his comments that it was “locker room talk” is misguided.

“Locker room talk” implies that this is how guys talk about women when women aren’t around. That’s simply is not the case. While I’ve heard plenty of guys talk about how attractive a woman is, how attractive a woman’s body is, or what he’d like to do to her, I’ve never heard a dude brag about assaulting a woman in this way. This isn’t how most guys think or speak; only the abhorrent ones reside in that space. So I guess I would have been fine with this explanation if Donald would’ve said, “this is locker room talk for abhorrent guys like me.” That would have made it a bit easier to take.

Hey, I have a radical idea that I’d like you to consider. It may be shocking to some of you, but ride with me…

Here goes…

Women are people.

Women are PEOPLE. To assume that you can touch, grope or kiss a woman simply because you’re famous or a man is to treat her like she’s simply there for your pleasure and to deny her person-hood.

You may argue that just talking/joking about it isn’t so bad. I’d argue that even talking about it is unacceptable. The imagery is not funny. The idea of it is still not okay. No woman deserves to be treated that way by a man if she does not want the attention.

With the release of this tape, it was surprising to me how many notable Trump supporters jumped ship. This isn’t new behavior for him. It’s not the first time he’s walked out of the house with his misogyny showing. It also won’t be the last. This is him. We’ve seen him reveal his character over and over again. This is Donald Trump.

The point he was trying to make with his wack apology is that this is not a new zone of conversation with some men. He’s right. He’s not the only dude who talks like this; he’s just the one that has said it out loud while running for President in the modern era. What he didn’t mention is that the other dudes who speak like this also suck.

And that points to the most frightening thing about Trump. He’s given a voice to the bigoted, misogynistic, Islamophobic, homophobic, racist voiceless. He’s given them the ability to speak out against the “political correctness” that kept them from telling us all what they really think. He hasn’t created more dumb people, he just gave them a platform and a bullhorn.

I say all that to say this: vote, friends. Vote.

Be good.


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