Envy: The Only Unavoidable Sin

Out of all the sinful wrongdoing stated in Biblical text, envy seems to be the only sin that is completely and utterly unavoidable.  Sins such as drunkedness, lying, stealing, and idolatry may be a problem for some people, but certainly not everyone.  Smoking crack, for instance, is a terrible burden for some people.  Most people however are not even remotely tempted by the lure that is crack cocaine.

The same cannot be said about envy.  Everyone falls victim to envy, no matter how much or how little you have.  The Have-Nots always want more, and those that have it all want even more.  Sometimes those that have wealth even envy those that don’t.  Example;  Dave Chappelle had it all as his popularity and career was escalating significantly.  Chappelle stunned the entertainment industry by abruptly leaving The Chappelle Show and going into seclusion in South Africa, leaving behind millions of dollars and rejecting the fame he had acquired.  Even wealthy King Solomon proclaimed that life was meaningless and coveted something other than what he had.

No matter what we possess, envy never seems to escape any of us.  Since it can’t be avoided, its best that we should recognize are respective area of envy and try and minimize it as best we can.  Here are the 5 most prevalent areas that most people find themselves battling:

  • Money Envy:  This type of envy is self-evident.  Most folks are never satisfied with how much they make and are jealous of those that have more.  I mean really, who’s ever truly satisfied?


  • Job Title Envy:  Climbing the corporate can be turbulent and often times cutthroat.  The reason being is that most desire what you have, or want what someone else has.  Having a better job title means more money and more power, so its obvious why many always seem to covet positions that are higher and better.  Its ok to have hopeful desires, but it turns from that to envy when you become jealous of fellow colleagues when they get positions over you, or if your college cohorts are further along in their career than you are. All bad.


  • Relationship Envy:  Everyone has this.  Some folks envy those that are in blissful relationship and desire one of their own.  Others who are in committed relationships covet those who are single, unattached, and free to do whatever whenever.  Still there are those who are unsatisfied with their current relationship and envy someone more attractive, more successful, someone younger, or just something different.  Rarely are people completely content with their mate; the grass always seems greener when you are cutting your own every day.


  • Gym Envy:  Ever been to the gym and you see someone who is pushing more weight than you are, more flexible than you, or who looks fitter than you look?  Yep, you probably have gym envy.  It’s difficult to deal with this since there will always be someone more fit than you no matter where you go or who you are.


  • Food Choice Envy:  Going out to eat probably produces the most natural envy than any other type.  This type of envy occurs when you go out to eat with multiple coworkers/friends and everyone places a food order.  When the plates come, someone else ordered something that you now feel that you should have ordered.  Your meal sucks and everyone elses is grand, so your stuck envying everyone elses meal.  Sadly, the only way to avoid this is never eat in big groups!

-Deshawn (ShonJay714)

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    • Erik
      September 4, 2013

      I don’t think you can accurately call any sin “unavoidable”. Why would God place obstacles in front of us that He knew we couldn’t overcome no matter what? Also, to consider it “unavoidable” would mean that Jesus would have had to fall victim to it, which is not true. There’s no such thing as an unavoidable sin. It’s all avoidable. Just because it’s common to most people doesn’t make it unavoidable.

    • lii
      September 4, 2013

      In “unavoidable” do you mean like an unavoidable temptation. …like most people may feel tempted in the area of envy but not all people would be tempted to smoke crack. ..so more common struggle ? In that case I could agree although temptation is not a sin though… clarification need sir 🙂

      • Deshawn
        September 4, 2013

        I’m saying That 100% Of Everyone Not Named Christ Have Had Envy. No Other Sin Fits That Profile


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