Just last week, Chris wrote a post about his lack of words for the Darren Wilson [non]indictment. I agreed with ever sentiment he expressed. Well, friends, as I’m writing this it is December 3, 2014. It was just announced that the officer who choked Eric Garner to death is going to skip a trial also. Despite the fact that he murdered Garner ON VIDEO, there won’t be a trial. Despite the fact that the Coroner ruled Garner’s death a homicide by choking, there won’t be a trial.

Just in case you missed what I just said, a black man was killed on camera by a police officer. He repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe, and his pleas were ignored. The death was ruled a homicide, and no one will have to answer for it. Eric Garner died. He died illegally (hence the “homicide” label). Everyone knows who killed him. Everyone saw who killed him. No one will be held responsible for his death. All because the officer convinced people that he didn’t use a choke hold. That’s right, kids, while it’s illegal for cops to put a choke hold on a person, it’s perfectly fine for them to hold a person while choking him. Shout out to semantics.

With respect to these stories of cops killing black dudes, this year has sucked. I’m out of words, man. There are people who STILL can look at this and STILL not see why people are outraged. I don’t have anymore energy to argue with those people. I’ve got nothing.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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