Examining Bigotry: Some People ACTUALLY Feel Like This…

A few weeks ago, I came across an article on Yahoo called Outraged Cop Complains After Seeing This Painting At His Daughter’s School.

Look it over for context…


We’re proceeding.

I kind of get the outrage the cop feels. And I’m even more sad that this is the worldview that kids still have in 2016. I’m not saying that the kid is wrong or anything – because everything that a kid would see online about relations between police officers and black people would teach you that worldview. And THAT is sad.

But what I want to talk about today is one of the comments that was made on the article.

Check this out – contributed by “Jan”:

Glossary of Modern Racial Terminology:

UNARMED VICTIM: lawless thugs involved in criminal activity who, when confronted, attack police officers and/or resist arrest or/or get shot and killed by police for just cause

WHITE POLICE OFFICER: presumed racists with no rights whatsoever

WHITE PRIVILEGE: media concocted mythical privileges based on envy and sloth aimed at hard working non-minority Americans striving for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

JUSTICE: breaking laws and getting a free pass and/or being awarded by court of law multi-million dollar civil settlements from city/county/state agencies for death of related UNARMED VICTIM

INJUSTICE: breaking laws and getting caught and/or being prosecuted— and/or— being denied by a court of law multi-million dollar civil settlements from city/county/state agencies for death of related UNARMED VICTIM

RACIAL EQUALITY: invented and/or imagined govt granted special rights others do not have which pandering politicians bestow upon small population demographic to appease certain target voter blocks

RACIAL INEQUALITY: invented and/or imagined denial of govt sanctioned special privileges e., g., racial quotas; other demographic voting blocks must work with great diligence to achieve

RACIAL PROFILING: being caught in the act of breaking laws by white law enforcement officers

RACIAL TENSIONS: grossly misplaced anger over imaginary nonexistent issues ginned up on social media by loony leftist celebrities, so-called civil rights leaders, so-called civil rights activists, professional race-baiters and Wolf Blitzer media-types

CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS: phony-baloney reverends, rapacious anti-white bashers, professional white-guilt race-baiters & shameless tax scofflaws who frequent The Race-Baiter-in-Chief’s Oval Office at the White House

CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS: loud and vocal individuals who blame all whites for all problems

CIVIL RIGHTS: Don’t Shoot While We Loot; also see JUSTICE and RACIAL EQUALITY

CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION: being arrested for breaking laws and/or resisting arrest and/or being shot & killed while attacking arresting police officers; also see INJUSTICE and RACIAL PROFILING

CIVIL UNREST: senseless mob violence, arson & looting staged for the benefit of CNN camera crews

PEACEFUL PROTESTERS: bused in welfare recipients who don’t work, receive a sack lunch & pre-printed signboards, who don’t know what they are protesting and have nothing better to do that day

MASS PROTESTS: chanting, sign-carrying social media parrots and other white-guilt types who live at home with mommy and daddy, have no idea who Tawana Brawley is, and who don’t work either

ANGRY PROTESTERS: lawless thugs, who’ve never worked a day in their life, bent on looting and destruction of property ALSO for the benefit of CNN camera crews and acquiring new TVs for their mommas

FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE: working class American taxpayers getting pinched by pandering politicians for more of their tax dollars to support the liberal welfare-as-a-way-of-life constituency, also see JUSTICE



LIVE NEWS COVERAGE: pathetically transparent agenda driven media white-guilt hype and racist propaganda promoting phony, non-existent CIVIL RIGHTS issues ALSO staged for the benefit of CNN camera crews

Yeah. As of this writing – that has 21 thumbs up, and 8 thumbs down reactions.

I simply responded “Wow.” to that comment and kept it moving.

But Jan’s comments don’t stop there — looking at her Yahoo! comment history (which I literally just found out you can do), Jan has contributed other gems such as…

[Black People;] The only race on the face of the earth that contributes so little and complains so much.


Blacks are inferior,every other race is about the same.Sad [sic] but true!

To bring it all home, let’s not forget about her recent commentary about the death of one Nancy Reagan…

To all of you liberal losers that are making your disgusting comments about a first lady that has passed away,it just goes to show what a mean spirited bunch of hypocrites you really are. This woman had more class in her little finger,than both of the Clinton’s combined.Now go forth and vote for your lying #$%$ hero Billary!

It’s sad, right? This woman isn’t alone in how she feels either – and the ascension of a certain loud rich guy with bad hair has only emboldened this group. It feels so backwards to me in 2016, but that’s the freedom of opinion and expression as held near and dear in the good ole’ U.S. of A.

I pointed out her last comment just to show that she has the nerve, and blindness, to call someone else a hypocrite. Does that mean that what she’s doing is right and proper? In the mind of a bigot — yes. She feels attacked, so it’s ok for her to lash out when people let her know that her ideals have no place in the modern world.

What’s scary is that this woman may not be just any loser sitting behind a computer screen speaking bravely behind the veil of anonymity. She may be a public servant. A teacher. A high ranking person at a company making hiring decisions.

You never know.

Check this out…

Calling “a spade a spade” — This is how racists feel. This is how bigots feel.

Yeah – it’s 2016 – and “some people ACTUALLY feel like this”.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

-Johnnie (@GentlemanREDUX)

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