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Happy Friday!  If you’re like me, you need this 3-day weekend like Miley Cyrus needs rehab.  One thing that can definitely help you unwind is a great collection of new music.  Here are a couple of items to check out while you wait to return to work enjoy your long weekend.

Phantogram (@phantogram) – website

I was first introduced to Phangogram about 2 years ago.  I stumbled upon a free track on Amazon for a group called Neon Indian, and I saw a review that mentioned the group Phantogram.  This review led me to the page for Phantogram, in which the Amazon.com Editorial Review mentioned “J Dilla” (and some other stuff).  That was all I needed to check into them.  (Note: If you still don’t have “Donuts”, ….).   Since that day, I have been a fan.

They blend a lot of different sounds to create something truly (and I mean truly) unique.  The group is formed of Sarah Barthel (@SarahBarthel) and Josh Carter.  The group has released one studio album, Eyelid Movies (2009) which I can still not quit playing.  An EP entitled Nightlife (2011) is the band’s most recent release, but they could also be heard on Big Boi’s (horribly under-acclaimed) Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors, contributing to the songs “Objectum Sexuality,” “CPU” and “Lines.”  They are expected to release an album soon, and I for one cannot wait.

What I love about Phantogram is that while they definitely have a distinct sound (CPU from Big Boi’s album reminds me a bit of A Dark Tunnel /Nightlife/), they stay diverse with their projects.  Every song isn’t Sarah singing over funky synth beat (Mouthful of Diamonds).  Speaking of Sarah’s voice; I love the way she sings.  She doesn’t blow you out of the water with deep-reaching guttural notes (like Amy Lee), but she sounds refreshing, light and very easy on the ears.   She presents the listener with the challenge of not becoming hypnotized by her melodic tone.

I wish that I could categorize the group’s music.  I’m sure that there is a category, but to me they are very universal.  For instance, I can listen to them while doing homework, driving, working, working out, relaxing, crawling through a boiler…they don’t really have a set place.  I love that about their music.  A lot of the music I listen to during a weightlifting session has no place at the study table.  Some of the music I relax to would not work while I’m driving.  Yet Phantogram has managed to be my all places, all things go to for good, quality music.

So chill out and catch up with Phantogram, in anticipation of their next release.  Besides, it is too hot to be outside

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