Fatherhood: Redux

Happy Friday all!

As you know, we will be going through some changes in the near future.  So keep your eyes on the lookout for new and exciting things!


In late June, my wife and I welcomed our second child (a non-masculine child) named Lydia.

We had her at home, meaning that we went from the bedroom, to the birth room, back to the birth room.  No speeding through traffic (if there is traffic at 3am), no rude hospital staff.  Just us and the Midwives.  It was a truly amazing moment to see her born, just as it was the first time.  For those of you who have not been through the joy of childhood and fatherhood, I want to share a few highlights that I’ve “remembered” since our first child.

1.  The sleeplessness is real.  –  The first go around, my daughter kept me up all night.  I would wake up at every cough, cry and stir.  Now, I don’t wake up through the night as much, but my daughter has a propensity to stay up until 11pm.  I wake up at 3am each day.  Something has to give soon.

2. The joy is real –  You get an amazingly great feeling holding a baby that has your blood.  It is a feeling that is difficult to describe, but it is close to a feeling of driving the car you just built.  Terrible analogy, but it is the best I could come up with.

3. The rattled nerves are real – Non-stop crying.  Dirty diapers.  That is all.

I truly enjoy having a new addition to our family.  It is a joy and a blessing, even with the crying and diapers.  When the time comes for you to become a parent, it is easy to approach it with fear.  But for most normal human adults, it should come smoothly as the days go by.

I’m off to take a nap…Until next time.



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