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Remember that dude who never cared about what game was on? Everyone is watching the NBA Finals and old dude is watching Chopped…yeah I used to laugh at dude. But now I realize that he was actually the smart guy. I know this because¬† a few weeks ago I decided to not be a sports fan. Done. There was no way I could subject myself to such torture several times a week. Living and dying with every pass, shot or pitch. Its just all too much for me to handle at this point in my life.

Sure, when I was younger scheduling my work and leisure time around my favorite sports teams games was okay. Shoot, I’d even rearrange my afternoon or evening to hate watch my favorite team’s main rival. But NOW with my 20’s in the past, it all just seems so, umm I don’t know the word…unfulfilling.

So many times I remember being sooooo happy my favorite team won and I’ve also been so physically depressed when my teams lost. The only thing this that the highest high of a victory lasted about 1/100 of the time the depression lasted of a loss. What kind of ROI is that?

Oh, and this last year and a half has been THE ABSOLUTE worst as a sports fan. Every single team I root for decided to punch me in the face repeatedly by losing at the worst possible moments.

So, I’m done. I’ll continue to watch games and marvel at the athleticism and dance squads strategy but I won’t invest in it.

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    • Erik
      February 25, 2014

      Don’t be a bum…

      “Proud and immortal, bright shines your name. Oooooooklahoma Staaaaaate we herald your faaaaaaame…”


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