From Satan Himself

It’s really hard to be a man sometimes.

Men have to be tough during adversity.  Men have to be providers. Men have to go downstairs when there’s a “bump in the night.” And all of this is perfectly fine, because at the end of the day you get the big piece of chicken satisfaction of knowing that you are fulfilling your calling, the very reason you were created.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but sometimes this world is unnecessarily hard for a man. I don’t want to seem like a crybaby thing, but with all the pressure men face at work and at home, we can’t even go grocery shopping without problems. Makes me feel like a prisoner in my home.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about stretchy pants.

Yeah, those yoga pants women love to wear these days. It’s hard enough being this handsome and having women constantly throw themselves at me. It’s tough fighting THAT temptation, but now I gotta fight out a way to fight off womens and fight off looking at womens at the same time. Its seriously tough, ya’ll.

Meh, its up to me not look I guess, but those things make even the most unflattering be…chill, Chris.







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