Go Dumb!…

A quick look at this week’s news stories proves 3 things:

1. The world went dumb (maybe around December 21, 2012…just saying)

2. The world went insaner (yep, that’s the word)

3. Someone needs to get priorities readjusted

With that being said, here’s a quick rundown of some of this week’s biggest, and maybe strangest news stories



So Lance Armstrong was slated to give his “in-depth” interview interview with Oprah Winfrey about his involvement and use of PEDs (performance enhancing drugs).  Erik even talked about this week.  No one was really shocked.  He’s probably only doing this interview now as a way to avoid the jail time he is no doubt going to face. How can someone ride a bike through the mountains without some help?  He was dumb for even thinking we cared.  This WAS the story (especially in Americana) for the week, until…


Jessica Alba became Notre Dame Linebacker Manti T’eo’s girlfriend (meaning she’s invisible. Like Sue Storm…get it?…).  This is the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of.  If you don’t know, during September 2012 T’eo lost his 72-year old grandmother, and then his girlfriend within a 24-hour period.  Long story short (catch up here), the girlfriend never existed.  There’s question to what, if anything T’eo knew about the hoax, but several reports state that he was told in December that he had been played.  Some are saying he played up the fact that this was his girl, while others think he got tricked on an internet dating site.  The funny thing (not making light of this dude’s life) is that it wasn’t Sports Illustrated, ESPN or even Sporting News that broke this story.  It was Deadspin.com!  The site that some look at as not a “real” sports site had the guts to actually investigate.  Big ups to them, but the collective sports reporting world was dumb for not at least seeing an obituary or death certificate for someone they kept mentioning over and over.

If this was a hoax on T’eo and he got fooled, the I feel sorry for him.  If he was a part of all of this, he needs to skip the NFL and start acting b/c he gave Oscar-like performances every time he talked about her…



As weird as the T’eo story has been, it definitely did not deserve to be a #1 news story.  But alas, in the Kansas City Metro area, an area with one of the worst murder rates in the US decided to lead with this story.  That same day, there were 2 stories of rapes of children, and 3 homicides.  Yet someone decided it was more important to talk about a hoaxed up girlfriend first.  Really? Really?  Really?  We are far too carried away with celebrity scandal, but why put it above important news?

-Marcus (@Aguilla112)

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