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Welcome to Tha Well. We are a new blog designed and run by young, black men with the explicit goal of offering a new perspective. We are gonna get into some sports, culture, movies, music and whatever else we think is interesting.

The most important thing we want to do is to start a dialog with whomever decides to read this blog. It’s not enough for us to write about topics deeply personal to each of us and not allow a discourse to take place.

Nah, that won’t work.

We understand that sometimes we won’t always agree, but that’s the beauty of it. How boring would life be if everyone agreed on everything?

So there you have it. Check back often for new posts. Leave comments and all that.

Welcome to Tha Well!

Chris, Deshawnt, Marcus and Erik.

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I'm a thirty year old man who likes Medicine For Melancholy.

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