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In my 32nd year of life I have finally concluded that I don’t know everything. I’m sure you can tell by my writings or if you’ve ever had a conversation with me, but I may have a touch of “smartest guy in the room” syndrome or SGITR. Common traits of someone with SGITR include:

  • Engaging in Long Drawn Out Arguments
  • Always needing to get the last word
  • Dismissing other views

Yeah, that person sounds insufferable. Luckily, I only have a small case of SGITR. In fact, the older I less I feel the need to display my intelligence. That’s not to say I don’t generally always believe I’m the smartest person in the room (1) because I do, but increasingly I don’t have the need to prove it. With that being said, there are some things that just confound me. Even with my SGITR I have no idea what to think or what to make of them.

American Interest in the Royal Monarchy 

This morning I was listening to NPR discuss how, today, Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest serving monarch in history. Great… I guess. I don’t understand why this, or any Royal family, news matters in America. I mean, didn’t we fight an entire war so we wouldn’t have to worry about them (and for the right to use fluoride)? When Harry or William or Perry or whatever the prince dude’s name is decided to get married, the media covered it as if it really mattered here. America is not apart of the commonwealth. Who cares that some dude on the best public assistance ever marries a HQWW? Round here, the only Kings I recognize are Martin Luther and Regina. The only Queen I acknowledge is Latifah.


Social Media’s War on Sleep

Let’s be clear: they really should not have given some of you folks Instagram. iSweatergod if I see one more meme about rising, grinding, rising and grinding,  or some dude with a terrible burst fade knocking folks because they’re sleeping and, yanno, giving their body what it needs, I will lose my mind. When will folks understand that sleep is good for you. You need sleep. Waking up at 4:30 after going to bed at 1:00 will not magically result in a larger deposit on your Rush Card. Yes, work is good. Actually, work is great, but you need rest to fuel your work.

Kendrick Lamar


The Color Purple

The Color Purple is the go-to favorite movie for every woman in my family. I have NO idea why. When I watch The Color Purple I feel very uncomfortable, because every character in the movie looks uncomfortable.

I’m here for Rae Dawn Chong though.

Black Dress Shoes

If you ever see me cloned, shoot the me with the black dress shoes. He’s clearly evil.



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