Him anyhow…

I just wanted to take a few moments to encourage anyone reading this to seek the Lord in all things. I can vibrantly tell you that this has been one if the most trying times of my life.  Family, job. Spiritual and personal relationships have all been tested in these past 6 months.
I’ve lost a grandmother, had a project at work fail and wondered if ny job was in jeopardy.  Yet I still have to keep the mindset of trusting in GOD.
So I just want to encourage you to keep persevering and trusting God’s plan, no matter how hard it is to see it.

Praise Him anyhow
Worship Him anyhow
Love Him anyhow
Seek Him anyhow

Until next time

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Born in Dallas, raised in OKC and Michigan. Grew up wanting to be Bo Jackson, then Barry Sanders, then Stan Lee, Batman and Mike Tyson (yes, in that order). Striving everyday to be used by God for what He has called me here for. Married with a nearly 1-year old daughter (5 years of marriage on August 11!). I'm not witty enough to think of anything else right now.

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