How to Break Up With A TV Show

I am a Family Guy fan.

Let me fix that.   I was a Family Guy fan.

When the first episode debuted after a Patriots Super Bowl win in 1999.  I, like many others, became a bigger fan while the show was running in rerun loops on Cartoon Network.  I was one of those fans that led to the show being revived, and re-premiering 2005.  I was one of the fans that undoubtedly led to American Dad and The Cleveland Show, due to my diligent and unrelenting watching of the series.  I’ve never taken myself too seriously that I wasn’t able to laugh at the shows most offensive moments, many of which are on this list (this also).  The beauty of the offensiveness is that it never knew any boundaries; Blacks, White, Asian, Hispanic, German, Christian, Muslim, male, female, celebrities, dignitaries, deadly diseases, other cartoons, Americans…everyone was open for ridicule.  However, along the way the jokes just quit being funny.  Sure there were a few memorable moments in recent years; The Simpsons crossover was okay.  The show has it moments, and though the offenses never really stopped, the final straw for me was a 2014 episode titled “The 2000 Year Old Virgin.”  During this episode, Peter Griffin and friends find out that Jesus (yes, Jesus Christ) is a virgin, so they decide to help him lose his virginity.  It is obvioulsy a play on the This is not the first (or probably last) offensive mention or feature of God or Jesus on the show.  But the premise and execution of this episode just was too much for me.  During one point in the show, it is revealed that Jesus actually had been tricking husbands into letting them allow him to sleep with their wives.  That was the line.  Sadly, I probably should have reached that point long before.

I was giving too much time to a show that not only was no longer funny, but continuously offensive to many, particularly my faith in my Savior.

So I’m done with Family Guy.  The reruns from the original run may entertain me from time to time, but I’m done with giving the show, and its creators more opportunities to offend me and my Creator.

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    • neverleftempty
      January 30, 2015

      Never been into Family Guy for that specific reason (being super offensive) but there are shows I’ve had to “break up” with because they no longer had my interest either (ie Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder). Good post and good for you for sticking to your convictions.


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