Life, man… Life.

You remember when life was simple? Chances are that when you were a little kid, you had no worries. Your family may have been going through, but you had no idea. Man, I miss that. There’s an innocence about childhood that is unmistakable and irreplaceable. It’s a good time in life.

Then as you get older stuff starts happening. You make decisions that directly affect the stuff that happens to you. Then when that stuff happens to you, you make more decisions which causes more stuff to happen. It’s a cycle. Your life decisions directly impact your life experiences–good or bad.

Tons of people make great life choices. Steve Jobs had a crazy dream that everybody should have a computer. He chased it and made his story into legend. George Washington Carver looked at a peanut and saw a realm of possibilities. He explored it and got you out here eating Skippy. Harriet Tubman saw the evils of slavery and wanted to free people from it. She acted on it and became a key cog of the Underground Railroad.

See what I mean? Great life choices. Great results. Legendary status.

The problem is that we still have people outchea in these streets making horrific life decisions. Robert Griffin III is a rising star in the NFL. Heisman trophy winner. Dynamic rookie season. Tons of talent. Yet he continues to make egregious errors when it comes to his hair. Dude just got some straight back braids. Corn rows… In 2013. Can’t happen. Terrible decision.

Some little 13 year-old boy in Florida, named Le’Genius Wisdom Williams, shot some other kid for who knows what reason. The good news is that the other boy survived. The bad news is that 1) lil’ Le’Genius had access to a gun. Why? How? Somebody somewhere made a bad decision that made all this possible by getting a gun and making it possible for lil’ Le’Genius to get to it. 2) lil’ Le’Genius shot this kid. Horrible decision. Not only does it put the other kid’s life at risk over what was probably some petty dispute, but it also puts a huge looming dark cloud over lil’ Le’Genius for the rest of his life. Not good. And 3) lil’ Le’Genius’s name is Le’Genius Wisdom Williams. What in the entire bruhs is going on? Black people… stop it. What happened to names like Stanley, Roger,  or Thomas? Why do we have to create these names out thin of air? Pick a word that you want to describe your child, like “genius” or “intelligent”. Or pick a thing you want your kid to have like “mercedes” or “employment”. Add “Le” as a prefix, and you have a perfect hood baby name. Lil Le’Employment is set for the rest of his life… to be a criminal.

What’s my point in all this, you ask? My point is that I can help you make better life decisions. That’s what I’m here for. I mean, for a nominal fee, of course. You pay me, I make your life decisions for you. Forget Iyanla. I’ll fix your life. Do I always make great life choices? Nah, but that’s not the point. The point is that you want to make better life choices, and giving me money is always a good choice on your part. Paypal me, playa. I’ll get you fixed up in no time.

Until next time…

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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Erik Walker

Erik is black.


    • Ruthie
      August 22, 2013

      My how some ppl need ur service. I agree that ppl should think about names for their children. If ur gonna be a “Child of God”, live like one. “Might, peacemaker, joy, worldpeace, and all the others. Life the part!

    • ruth
      August 22, 2013

      “What in the entire bruhs is going on?”-HILARIOUS!!!! Eric, please fix these people’s lives. They sincerely do need it smh


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