This post is pretty short, but I’ve missed a couple of posts, partly for good reason.  Last week I spent the weekend on vacation, enjoying some time away from work and from my crazy neighborhood.  Which leads me to the point of this post.

A few weeks ago, I made a request to the people that live near me (I refuse to call them neighbors) to move a vehicle from in front of my yard, due to 1) it being an ugly eyesore and 2) I was about to do yard work and it was in the way.  The request essentially led to me being called a slur by this person, and led to me feeling as though I needed to physically maim said person.

The part of me that knows God, knows that would not have accomplished anything for me.  The part of me that knows my heritage and history knows that I should have followed through.
The fact that I did not beat this person had me stressed out.  I felt like I let an idiot have an upper hand.  His very breathing was a slap in my face.  What do you do when the thing you know should be done, goes against what you know has to be done?

The only thing I could surmise is that there was no correct response. If I had responded I could have been arrested, shot, etc.  There wouldn’t have been a happy ending. By letting it slide, I let this person feel that they have the right to drop that word on me any other time.

To his credit, he has been a ghost ever since. Maybe he’s been reading my mind…

Until next time…

-Marcus (@Aguilla112)

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