Meet Cristin, the newest writer at ThaWell

When we (Marcus, Deshawn, Chris, and I) started this blog in 2012, it was just the four of us. For the time that’s all we needed. We all became friends during our time in college at Oklahoma State, and decided to reunite by way of ThaWell. Four black dudes. Four [sometimes] different opinions.

But as time passes, things have to change. We felt like we needed more than four opinions. Cristin expressed interest, and we gladly brought her on.

We met Cristin (@artofbeingblunt) on Twitter. If memory serves, it was a #FollowFriday post that linked us up (yep, it turns out that those are actually good for something). Over the years we’ve engaged in tons of thought-provoking conversations, tons of non thought-provoking conversations, and college sports discussions (she’s a Missouri Tiger). We knew she’d be a great add. So when the time came to add her, we were more than excited to add her at the same base salary the rest of us make. Nothing… Shout out to equality.

Anyway, check out her bio to learn more about her, and check out her first post that was posted earlier this week. Please join us in welcoming Cristin to the squad.


    • Johnnie Weathersby III
      February 26, 2015

      This is such a good fit! Knowing Erik, and having followed Cristin for a while on Twitter — “Readers of ThaWell: prepare for something special.”

    • neverleftempty
      February 26, 2015

      Like I’ve said before, good to see a female voice/opinion on this site. Started following Cristin recently and she’s hilarious as well as passionate about the issues that concern us. This addition is going to make an awesome blog even awesomer (yeah i know that’s not a word).


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