Music Review-Yaves “History In Progress”


This free album, for lack of a better word, knocks! Over the course of thirteen tracks and one interlude, , Yaves displays his witty lyricism, well developed ear for beat selection and ultimate skills as a rapper.

Unlike most schizophrenic styled mixtapes, Yaves keeps a clear and coherent theme throughout the project. A recent signing to Xist music, Yaves makes it clear that despite his good fortune and impending success, he would still trade it all for his King.

Songs like “Wake Up Call” and “Finally On” make it abundantly clear that his mission is not merely to entertain but to change lives.

If you have listened to any Yaves in the past you will know that, if anything, he commands a witty lyricism. Its quite easy to compare Yaves’ flow with a certain rapper from Chicago known for label problems and under-developed politics, but make no mistake, although he sounds similar, Yaves is far from a clone. Yaves’ flow is not as natural as the aforementioned MC, but he makes up for it with a variety of cadences and clever lines. This is evident on the track, “Cour De Leon” where Yaves rhymes, “Treasures up in Heaven got my pockets on Oprah.”

The tracks are varied enough that listeners won’t get bored, which would be hard to do anyway given the succinctness of the album. **Public Service Announcement: There should never be any reason to ever have an album with more than 15 tracks**

This album is nearly all Yaves with on a few guest spots, but J Flue does come through with the line of the whole album when spits on the track “Slingshot Strong,” “Faith game crazy/call it baby mama.”

Go to for your free download. If you can, tip him a few dollars. It will be well worth it.

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