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Can I squeeze more awesomeness in before my break?

My birthday is today and it seems like every year I tend to take some time and reflect on what I’ve done with my life so far at that point. This year is no different. As I write this so many thoughts are running through my mind about the things that I’ve accomplished so far. A lot of my feelings are like Erik’s from a few weeks past. What’s next for my life? I went to school, got a job, hey Im doing my thing (® Rapper Big Pooh) and after all that I still have trouble getting out of bed.

Okay, let me chill this isn’t about to be one of those posts all woe is me.

Gator did not get shot by his dad for me to lament my life every 365 days.

Anyway, for my birthday I am going to compile a list of 29 things to put on a bucket list before I turn 30. I don’t have all twenty right off the top of my head that’s why I’m going to update this post throughout the day as I counsel my braintrust Twitter. But I’ll start off with these few.

1. Get out of debt.

Luckily, aside from school debt I dont have much consumer debt. I can pay off all my consumer debt within the next few months without drastically altering my life style. I’ll just cut down the trips to Half-Price Books. And ladies, when that debt is done you know what that means, right? Yep, you can Super Size.

2. Run a Triathlon

I don’t know if it was just me watching the Iron Man competition on Sunday, but I really want to enter a competition full of white folks who are probably gonna win in the end. Just like life.

I kid.

3. Leave The Country

I’ve gotta get out of the country this year. Take a trip and visit some of those seven wonders of the world, ya know Stonehenge, the Colosseum, Corrine Bailey Rae’s House The Great Wall of China. God created a beautiful world and gave us brilliant minds to do awesome things within in, how dare I keep myself boarded up in my 750 600 419 sq. ft. apartment in Arlington? Oh, and I heard that bougie womenz don’t like men without passports.

4. Dunk

This has been my dream my entire life and this is the year to do it. I can ball, ask any of the other fellers on this site. My shot is deadly, I just have the most uncle-like game of all time. I learned it from this guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super athletic, just in a landlocked way.


*Update at 7:48 am*

5. Find an idea for a business

I’ve never been the entrepreneurial type, but lately I keep having desires my own business. Thing is, I don’t know exactly what yet. I don’t have any expertise in any one particular area so I don’t think ill do a specialty shop. I might be just a tad too old to start my record label Young G’s Shooting Your Grandma In The Face…For Jesus Records yep YGSYGITF…FJ.
I thought I’d be content with a great job (which I have as of this writing) but the older I get the more I long to have something of my own. I think having my whole way of life determined explicitly by the work I put in is, really, the only way to go. A person can, and.I, hide in a typical work setting. My work is important bit there isn’t a sense of urgency with each day, I know I’m gonna get my salary.

That’s pretty horrible.
I figure that the more emphasis I place on my actual abilities and work ethic the better off ill be.

Stay tuned for updates. Drop me a comment of some dope things you think I should do before I turn 30.


Also again, check out for “Words In The Sun” a dope spoken word hip hop album.


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