Next Year Y’all Gotta Chill

Yesterday was Father’s Day, one of my favorite “holidays” of the year. I love seeing pictured and stories of the influence some men had on their sons and daughters.

Its also a bittersweet day for me too, because I ain’t have a father growing up…or as a grown up. Everything I’ve learned about being a man I’ve had to learn from “on-the-job” experience and reruns of The Cosby Show (download this now Still, seeing how some people were able to grow up with a man who loved, stewarded and guided them to become semi-responsible adults is pretty dope to me.

So, I ain’t have nobody to buy a tie or some Brut by Fabergé, but I sure had someone to NOT buy a gift for…

My mom.

I ain’t buy her a gift for fathers day because she ain’t my father. She was a single mom. I also ain’t spend all day dumping mounds of shade on my father for not being their, because in both instances, fatherhood is too important.

I know none of y’all did this, right?

Next year can we just please have one day for the fathers for real. Not Mothers Day II and not Tell The World About My Deadbeat Day. There are 300 other days for that.


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    • lii
      June 17, 2013

      I soooo agree! Let the dad’s who are fathering have their day without a cloud hanging over it….

    • Deshawn
      June 17, 2013

      I dont like these holidays at all.. All they do is create an environment wherein, those that cannot particpate due to lack of a father/mother, feel bad about themselves and sad that they dont have that parent. Idk, I guess my socialistic ways are coming out again

    • Laurent
      July 17, 2013

      I’m late but i agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY bro. In fact i was talkin last night to the wife about how Women ALREADY get like 8 holidays a year and men get truly only one or two, TWO if you’re actually a present and GOOD father.


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