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Jingle Bells (NBA Christmas Day 2013 Commercial)


That’s how the NBA tries to do everything.  They try to capitalize on a great 2013 NBA Finals by having a great 2013-14 regular season.  The NBA almost always tips off with some great (on-paper) match ups, gearing for what is their ultimate big reveal: Christmas Day.  Christmas Day is the day where the NBA gives you their biggest stars, best rivalries and hottest young faces.  And in recent years, it has been the stage for shoe companies to show their special Christmas colorways (2010 and 2012 editions seen here).  However, the most obvious accessory to the Christmas Day games have been the Special Edition Uniforms.

I remember when the Lakers would wear their all white jerseys on Christmas (and maybe have a “Snowflake” on the chest).  Or the Knicks would wear some sort of green combination.  Last year, the NBA (and Adidas) dreamed up what I thought were a decent collection of colorways.  The OKC jersey looked sharp to me, and considering that the Thunder only have one alternate Uni (and it is pitiful), I liked it.  I thought that the Lakers jersey had a nice, crisp look to it.


Oh, but what hath 2013 wrought?!


The short-sleeved, monochromatic 2013 Christmas Day jerseys are the abomination of sports uni’s.  The league decided to go with a grade-school JV look.  There is nothing awesome about these jerseys!  The one saving grace is that maybe you’ll quit seeing grown, overweight men wearing tank-top styled jerseys, as Bill Plaschke pointed out on “Around the Horn.”  But that also implies that anyone would buy these.  Take a look at the Knicks, Celtics, Heat and Warriors jerseys.  There is nothing good to be said about these jerseys.

The only, and I mean only cool thing is the CGI-baked video used to unveil these jerseys.  That’s about it.

While I thought it was somewhat neat to see the Warriors rock the short-sleeved look last year, I think this is a step too far.  The NBA needs to dial it back and realize that they are trending way down with these looks.  I even wasn’t too taken aback by the “Nickname” game they intend to play (player nicknames would be on the back of their jerseys, instead of last names).

What do you think?  How bad (or good) of a look are these jerseys?

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