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So last night I was all about to write about my adventures competing in a Crossfit competition last weekend until this happened…

Crossfit was out the window then. Maybe I’ll write about it later. Who knows.

Any who, the 49ers have always been my favorite team and will always be my favorite team so I’m a bit sad that they lost. After the final interception I caught some light “allergies” but got over them pretty quick like. And while I hated the result of the game, I loved the interview with Richard Sherman.

That’s what I like in sports. Confidence. This man knows he’s the best corner and NOOOOOBODY can tell him anything otherwise. He’s proven that he is great at what he does and will let you know he is great. This isn’t a bad thing.

For some reason in this country knowing you’re great at something and letting people know you are  is a problem. For some reason you have to display false humility. And it is false.

These people do things 99.9% of us can’t do and they should own it. Have emotion let us know how great you are at what you do.

In fact, a lot of us should be more confident and as knowledge the fact that we’re great at what we do. If you can file some TPS reports, be confident that you can file them TPS reports!

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less. There’s some nuance.

The narrative last night on twitter was that Sherman was a thug, classless and unintelligent despite that he has a Stanford degree folks so love to hold in high esteem.

I think he was great. Even after knocking my favorite team out of the playoffs.

Flourish, Richard. Flourish.


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