One of y’all gotta come get Mary J. Blige

Yesterday I briefly mentioned some of the things that have happened since we’ve been gone. One of the things that happened that I didn’t mention is that I caught some @’s on Twitter by offending the Mary J. Blige hive. (Who knew that Mary J. had a hive?!) I had seen that she’s going on tour with Maxwell. I subsequently made a comment that if you ever hear of me attending a Mary J. show that there is a high probability that I have become a vegetable. Some random dude wasn’t having it.

Apparently, Mary J. has been busy. Yesterday, this video of her singing to Hillary Clinton made its way around the internet:

Some thoughts:

  1. Wut?
  2. How much pain does Hillary look like she’s in? The answer is “all the pain”.
  3. What an interesting song choice. Mary J. decided¬†to sing to a presidential candidate who can’t relate to a word of what she’s singing about. Awesome. Solid choice.
  4. Who’s idea was it to give Mary J. a show? Is there a demand out here to know what Mary J. thinks about things? I’ve never once wondered what Mary J. thinks about anything. Ever.
  5. Who else is Mary J. going to be interviewing on this show in future episodes? Is the fact that Hillary didn’t say a word in the promo an indication that nothing interesting happened?
  6. How bad did Hillary want to laugh… or cry… or laugh cry while Mary J. was singing? How many times do you think her fear of losing some black votes flashed before her eyes as she fought back laughter/tears?
  7. Mary J. really believes she can sing.
  8. This video only would have been better if Mary J. would have stood up and danced.
  9. I have no interest in seeing this show, but this short clip has provided fodder for all the jokes. And for that, I’m thankful.

Be good.


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    • neverleftempty
      September 28, 2016

      Hahahaha hahahaha haha why aunty Mary? Why Hillary look all kinds of stiff? Is this a joke? I am so here for this!


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