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The Probability of Dating Someone Without Kids Past The Age of 30.

Alright, here we go. We’re just gonna jump right in the deep end with this topic. Actually, on second thought, no we’re not. This one is easy. I can say for certain that there is a  75% chance that a black man past the age of 30 seeking to date a black woman over the age of…lets say 27 will have to date one with kids.

Lets just face it, women be shopping. Women be traveling. Women be having kids and then women be waiting for Boaz.

Cue Erick.

To be fair, I’ve softened my stance a little bit on the ready-made family.  The older I get the less of a dealbreaker it actually is. I mean, there is so much insufficient daddying happening in the world right now that I feel like I owe it to society to help raise up at least one non-knucklehead.

So fret not, Erick. Becoming an instapops isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because, think about it. Even if you do happen to find a black woman over the age of 27 without children, she’s likely to have something a lot worse…



Why Men Love Video Games

Men love video games, because video games are awesome. I don’t even play them a lot, but every time I do I never feel like I get enough. Except when I play NBA 2K online, I get my fill REAL QUICK. Folks be cheating, yall. Cheating!

Anyway video games transport men to fantasy lands where men can be men without fear of nagging or the dreaded Long Drawn Out Conversation (LDOC). They are a fortress. Men love video games as much as women love Passports. It is just as rare for men to find a woman who seriously games as it is for a woman to find a man who has a Passport (or a Passport that wasn’t procured exclusively for that trip to Brazil in 2007).

We all like to spend out discretionary income our own ways. Neither is better than the other, really. Yall like to travel to beautiful, exotic places with plenty of sun and water that you dare not actually step foot in, but that serve as wonderful backdrops for like 23930720394820395 selfies…and men like to play Grand Theft Auto during our down time. Different strokes.

We just get to spend a lot less on our hobbies.

Alright, thats my time.

Any more questions then hit up the comments and I will do my best to answer them for next week.


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