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Here’s where I take my Utopian view and drink my World Peace Kool-Aid.

The shooting of Christopher Lane by three bored teenagers in Duncan, Oklahoma has spark international outrage (Lane is Australian).  James Francis Edwards Jr. (15), Michael Dewayne Jones (17) and Chancey Allen Luna(16) were all arrested for the murder.

The situation is sad, infuriating and controversial.  It has allowed for the usual stir-up of racial, political and socioeconomic tripe that usually occurs when a story of violence goes national.

Please end…Rush Limbaugh talking…about anything…

Rush decided to jump out and immediately compare this to the Trayvon Martin shooting (but “in reverse”).  He concluded that the shooting was racially motivated and that the mainstream media was ignoring the racial component.   Due to one of the three teenagers posting racist tweets on his Twitter account, Rush claimed that this was a racially motivated attack and it should be reported as such.

Despite the fact that one of the accused is a White male, Rush still believes (and convinced others) that this is racially motivated.  (NOTE: many outlets, including Drudge Report, rushed to judgement and posted an incorrect photo of another teenager, who happened to be Black, instead of the photo of Jones.  It was kind of ironic to hear the outlets back

I strongly disagree with his premise.  Those tweets by the 15-year old suspect are racists.  There’s no place for them.  However, this appears to be more a case of wannabe gangster punks, acting without a conscience.   I don’t even think that this is about gun control.  This is about society as a whole.  This isn’t the first time that someone has done something that makes you question society as a whole.  However, the facts cannot be ignored that a normal-minded person doesn’t act in this way.

The violence that is plaguing this country needs to stop.  What many politicians fail to realize is that the violence in the street can be connected to the hatred that spews from Capitol Hill.  The culture in America has long been “us vs. them.”

Democrat versus Republican, Crip versus Blood; it is often difficult to tell the difference.  Everywhere you look in this country, someone is fighting.  Sometimes the weapon is a microphone.  Sometimes a 9MM.  Sometimes its a headline.

In a perfect world, we’d find a way to end all of the anger that has us on edge.  I don’t have an answer for ending that though.  I will encourage anyone who reads this though, step out and engage someone who has a different viewpoint than you.  It’s a small step, but it may make a big difference.

*Wakes up from Utopian dream…*

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    • Erik
      August 23, 2013

      Part of me wonders if Rush Limbaugh even believe what Rush Limbaugh says. In the same way I wonder if Skip Bayless really agrees with his own asinine sports arguments. I feel like it’s a ratings ploy. Even people that disagree strongly with Rush will listen just so he can make them mad. The scary thing to me is that there are people who actually agree with him.


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