Boxed In

This weekend I was chatting with a friend over twitter about my desire to move into Dallas proper and get out of the suburb of Arlington. I personally enjoy city living. I enjoy density. I like the thought of people living stacked on top of each other, no Lego™.

Well moving to Dallas would also mean having to find another job, because I am definitely not about that >12 minute commute life. I am not one of those folks who find great pleasure spending half of their life in traffic. Think about it, you already spend 8 whole hours at work filing TPS reports, sitting through meetings and getting unwarranted life advice. So why on Earth would I want to compound that by spending another hour each day driving there? Exactly.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point. As me and my friend we having our conversation, she asked what my “field” was. I aint gon’ lie, I was a little offended with this question. I wasn’t offended by her, just the question. What was my field? That seems fairly innocuous, right? And it should be, but it struck a chord1 within me.

I think I got upset, because the thought of a field feels like I’m being placed in a box.2 When she said field I felt like she was saying that I couldn’t do anything else but what I was doing currently. Thats too restricting to me. I have many interest and talents and to be placed in a box, only able to concentrate or focus on one thing is the beyond wack to me.

This country in all its concentration on efficiency and production, which is ironic because we don’t produce anything here3, we end up making folks focus on one particular task, interest or frame of knowledge. We want folks to do one thing and do it well. Blame Henry Ford and his myth of assembly lines. Sure, he built a lot of vehicles cheaply, but fast forward a hundred years and we have employers seeking employees to perform one single task day in and day out.

And its not just with assembly lines and not just in work life. Folks always talk about finding their niche and that one thing they were made or put on the earth for. I think this is a slap in the face to God himself. He created us with these immense capabilities and a brain that can process billions of bits of information per second and we Dumb It Down™ by focusing on one thing.

Man, no wonder Kordell Stewart was my favorite player at one point. Slash.

I dont know, maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing. I tend to do that, but I just hate the notion or the idea that folks can only do one thing at a time.


1. It was definitely a G chord, because I’m a G and all.

2. Not talking about that thing on Norris Cole’s head either.

3. Except for rappers, good lord, we produce a lot of rappers.

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    • Ruth
      June 3, 2013

      Don’t have much to say except that you should move to Dallas and soon. All my friends live in Grand Prairie, Arlington or close to there. Need some friends out here, even if they are Twitter friends lol.

    • Deshawn
      June 3, 2013

      Just be thankful you are able to live NEAR Dallas and not stuck in an industry that isolates u to one of the two coasts

      • Deshawn
        June 3, 2013

        Meaning I’m stuck In An Industry That Does That

    • Lii
      June 4, 2013

      In efforts to be disagreable bc its just more interesting lol…i would have to say that i disagree, sort of. So I have a couple of questions: Would you rather be excellent or at least above average in one field vs average (at best) in multiple fields? If not, is it possible to be excellent in multiple fields, if so at the same time or one at a time?
      So anyway, i agree in a sense that one shouldnt feel locked in a particular job or “defined title” their whole life, i agree we have many talents that need expression (maybe not all in the form of a career though)… That being said I think people are more successful, “A” players, when they pursue various careers in the same field (like an athlete that plays football and baseball or entrepreneur who opens multiple types of businesses) vs focusing on multiple careers that have nothing to do with each other, and bc to be your best takes a lot of time and energy, will probably not be more than a “C” player in any area. I just think careers are investments and take a lot of money (which u can get back), time (which u cant get back), and sacrifice (which u may regret)…. At best i think everyone (seriously generalizing) has about 2 very different careers that they would be a 10 but multiple options (“creative movement” lol”) within a chosen to career where they can also be say an 8-10 and not feel “boxed”,,,,everything else should be purely hobby …i really think its impossible, due to the time and effort it takes to be ur best, to pursue multiple things at once and really be memorable in any of them?…y do you need to work really hard and waste time to be a 6/10 in something when you can be an 10/10 in something else, unless u waste time with the 6/10 gig and ur potential 10 becomes a real 7?


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