Rants of a supersetter

Happy Friday.

After a month-long concussion break, I’ve finally gone back to the gym.  Apparently in the month that I’ve been away, 3:30-5 am has become the new it time.  I’ve always enjoyed working out at this time because the congestion tends to be less, and I can do my workouts faster.  Everyone else obviously didn’t get the memo that this is my sacred time, and decided to show up and get in my way (I’m only half-joking).  I work out at Anytime Fitness, a chain popular due to the fact that you can workout (wait for it)…anytime.  Most of the AF’s in the Kansas City area are moderately sized; smaller than a Gold’s Gym or most 24-Hour Fitness facilities, but larger than a Snap Fitness.  The location I have been visiting the most is decently sized and spaced, with about 1000 square feet. The gym, at least during the hours I visit, has a mix of those “training” – working hard, pushing real weight for either physique/bodybuilding competitions, sports, etc., and those who are “working out” – those spending a bulk of their time on the treadmill/elliptical and lifting light weight (note: I’m not knocking either group, just pointing out some differences).  The ‘training’ crowd tends to trend young (under 40) and the working out crowd tends to trend over 40.

This recent explosion of “working out” people made me realize that some people may not know a few common “rules” of using a gym.

1.  There are things called supersets (and giant/gauntlet sets).  These involve doing one or more lifts in succession, with no breaks in between.  There’s no check my phone time, look at the TV time, talk to you about your family time…it’s lift and then lift!  So, if you see someone frantically scrambling between 2 machines/benches, please stay away from them until they are done.  Or at the very least, ask the ever present “how many sets do you have left” question.

2.  To another point, some people have very little time to spend in the gym.  I usually have 45 minutes max to get in, work hard, shower and then drive to work.  I don’t have the time to stop and talk.  I also don’t have the time to play on my cell phone and block the machines.  Please, if you do these things, take them to an open, out-of-the-way area.

3.  Please don’t be one of those women who walk in dressed up, ready to catch a man.  It’s distracting (although eye-pleasing), but ultimately makes you look silly.

4.  Please don’t be a man coming into the gym in the latest and greatest Under Armour technologically advanced clothing, only to spend your entire time trying to ask me how do you do a bench press, or talking so loud that I can hear your conversations over my favorite theBreax track.

5.  Please, please, please don’t come in smelling stank!!  That goes from liquor to cigarette smoke, to just nasty BO.

6. Don’t bother the Personal Trainers when they are with a client.  Most of them will ignore you anyways, and they are actually working.  Besides that, your fellow gym goer pays good money for that time alone with a trainer.


These are just a few rants from a gym rat.  Take the suggestions at your own risk (or ignore them and risk getting a dumbbell thrown at you).

Until next time…

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    • Erik
      March 10, 2014

      You throwing dumbbells at people? Geez! Marcus is trying to get some people up outta here… Send ’em to The Up…per Roooooooom.


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