“Real” women are the most annoying people on Earth

"Real" housewives

Okay, hear me out on this. I cannot stand it when a woman (or man, for that matter) describes herself (or himself) as “real”. What does that even mean? Every time I see it mentioned, it’s either in the Twitter bio of someone who doesn’t know how to control her tongue or stated right before someone says something brash. It’s usually something like, “He looks like he swallowed a dozen hippos in those jeans… I’m just being real.” Or it could be, “I’m not being rude, just being real… But she¬†smells about 13 notches below ‘not awesome’ today.”

There is never a case where the words “rude” and “real” should ever be confused–they’re not synonyms!! Not even close! People use the term as an excuse to say some really ugly, rude, and hateful things. It’s freakin’ annoying!!

The truth is that if a person really is “real”, I don’t need them to tell me so–it’s pretty apparent. If it’s a really good friend, I would expect that person to tell me about myself (in a way that only a friend could) when I’m outta line. If it’s a girlfriend, I would expect her to do the same and to know when it’s appropriate to speak her mind. Even though you may be extremely passionate about something, it is not always appropriate to voice your feelings. Doing so on a consistent basis will cause me to deem you “undate-able”, and I will run from you faster that Lolo Jones running from whomever is in second place. (By the way, Lolo, if you’re reading this, feel free to fall in love with me. I’m available. *wink*)

The bottom line is if that’s what “real” is, keep it away from me. It’s not attractive when anyone acts that way, and it doesn’t give you any kind of status to be the person with no filter. It just kinda makes you the most annoying person on Earth.

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-Erik (@WalkSays)

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    • RaeGotSeoul
      May 14, 2012

      Can I get an AMEN! People love to justify and even rationalize their thoughts/opinions to the point where they don’t have to answer for them once spoken. Silence is golden more often than not if you ask me. =]
      And I think your choice of photo is SO appropriate for the blog. lol!


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