Rihanna: Queen of the Illuminati

Watch this video, and we’ll discuss it in a bit. It’s only about seven minutes long.

I came across this video last week. I’m still not sure why I wasted time watching it, but after I did I felt like debunking everything about it. Care to join me? Of course you do. Let’s ride:

First off, the video starts off by showing clips of Rihanna early on in her career, followed by more recent video clips. It makes the claim that she started off innocent, then she went bad. Rihanna is hardly the first instance of someone starting off innocent and then changing into another person (see Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, etc.). Most people change as they grow into adulthood. Honestly, if she were still today singing songs like she was 17, she’d be singing them at the house by herself for free. Sex sells, there’s no secret to that. She’s done what she felt like she had to do to sell. Bottom line: I get why some people don’t like it, but I also get why she made a transition. To blame that change on her newly found worship of the devil is weak.

Next, it brings up her association with Jay Z. At around the 2:24 mark, it says, “There is no doubt he is associated with the Illuminati. And he is definately[sic] a devil worshipper”. Wait, what? So you mean to tell me that we are ready to make a definitive claim that he is associated with a secret society that no one really even knows exists? And at the same time, we are ready to insinuate that said secret society, if it exists, has to be associated with the devil? Aight… That’s pretty weak too. I’ll address the playing of his song backwards in a bit.

Baylor Bear claw

Baylor Bear claw… It’s really lame, right? But is it of the Illuminati?? Hmmmm

Then it starts talking about the subliminal messages and symbols that appear in her videos since she started working with Jay Z. It gives us tons of examples of people throwing up the Roc, a bunch of pics of Rihanna shown with one eye covered, and a whole bunch of pics of messages that weren’t explicitly pointed out. I missed them. I have no idea what the messages were, so maybe I’m ignorant on this one. As far as the Roc, I’m not going to defend it. I have no idea if it has some hidden meaning. But, while we’re on hand signals, almost every college that has a sports program has some kind of hand signal that players and fans use. Do those have hidden meanings too? Why is no one standing on a soap box to say that the Baylor Bear claw thing is actually a sign of the Illuminati? What’s the difference?

Then there’s the paper that looks to read, “Princess of the Illuminati” and the alleged confession on radio. This video is called “Rihanna confesses worshiping[sic] the devil”, so the confession was what I was really interested in when I watched… How underwhelming. There is no way a reasonably minded person can hear that and think that she is legitimately confessing devil worship. She’s clearly speaking in jest. It’s an obvious joke. And since she’s willing to joke about it, she’s clearly not opposed to playing with the idea by putting a wrinkled up piece of paper in her video that says, “Princess of the Illuminati”. I mean, let’s be real, if the Illuminati is real and is secret and if she is, in fact, a major player, why would she put that in plain sight? That’s unbelievably weak.

Okay, now that I’ve said my piece on this video that fails to make a valid point, let’s briefly address the idea of the Illuminati. Let’s say the Illuminati is real. Let’s say there really is a world-wide secret society that controls every aspect of our lives at the highest levels. This secret society is made up of the most powerful and richest individuals in the world. People for whom money and resources are, literally, endless. People who are in the highest positions of power and have the ability to call the shots that directly affect the lives of nearly every human being on this earth. And among these individuals sits Jay Z and Rihanna… Word? Jay Z’s wealth is nothing to the world’s most wealthy individuals. If those people meet, Jay Z is gonna look like somebody’s intern. Why, on earth, would this secret society want Jay Z and Rihanna in its ranks? What would it gain? You could make the argument that people are affected by music, and they chose to use them to covertly get to people. Okay, cool, but why Jay Z and Rihanna? Why are no white artists ever suggested to be in the Illuminati? Have I missed those accusations? Are black artists really the way to go if you’re trying to reach… Earth?? Is that what we’re saying? I don’t buy it.

I’ll play devil’s advocate one last time. Let’s continue with the idea that the Illuminati is real. Let’s go ahead and say that they are using Jay Z and Rihanna’s music to covertly spread messages. Why would we also assume that Jay Z and Rihanna have control over those messages? What I’m saying is this: This video made a huge fuss over the images that are portrayed in Rihanna’s music videos. Why are we assuming that she has called the shots over every pose she makes and every image that is portrayed in her video? Are we really going to assume that she has so much foresight and so much control over her album covers and every one of her videos that she makes sure to put some kind of message in it? Is she taking her own pictures? Is she shooting her own videos? Are we really going to say that Jay Z has put so much thought into what he’s going to say that he’s figured out the message that he wants it to say when you play it backwards? The guy that is known for just walking into a studio and recording a song in one take is so good at it that he plans for what he says backwards and forwards? If the Illuminati were real, would it be too far-fetched to assume that they use people to spread messages without the people ever knowing they’re being used? Would it be that unrealistic to assume that Rihanna’s photographer/videographer is in the Illuminati and coaches her to portray these messages? How much credit are we really giving her for her image?

All in all, I think this whole idea is full of flaws. I’m not really trying to defend Rihanna or Jay Z. I’m just here to say that this idea is pretty weak. Let me know if you disagree.

Catch you next time…

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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