See Rick Run: An Exposé of Rick Ross and the GD

 If you haven’t heard about Rick Ross’s run in with the GD (Gangsta Disciples) let me give you a quick rundown of what I just found out yesterday know. The GD were formed when the Black Disciples and the Supreme Gangstas (led by Larry Hoover) joined forces in the 60s. Larry Hoover was mentioned in Rick Ross’s song “B.M.F.“, where he said, “I think I’m Big Meech, [ridiculous Rick Rossian grunt] Larry Hoover…”  The GD heard the song and took offense at Ross claiming to be like their leader.

If there’s more to the story than that, I missed it. It appears that Ross’s mere mention of Larry Hoover was enough to set the GD off. These dudes appear to be everywhere, and days before Ross was scheduled to perform in North Carolina, video threats started appearing from everywhere. Shortly after, Ross cancelled his show in the Cackalac…

I watched two of these videos yesterday–the group from North Carolina and a black and white interview with some dude named Don Straw. I learned a couple of things while watching.

  1. These dude are deep! Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina… If these dudes are really as mad as they seem, then Ross is in trouble.
  2. Rick Ross is not at all gangsta. I didn’t really just learn this yesterday, but I felt like it was worth noting. If there were ever a poster child for rappers who claim a lifestyle that they absolutely don’t live, it would be him.
  3. Modern-day thuggin involves making YouTube videos. Remember drive-bys and street muggings? Not in 2012/13 you don’t. Today we have YouTube. Today’s thugs don’t need to do drive-bys to let you know they’re serious–they post videos. And speaking of the videos, all of them look the same, and some of them have a much higher production value than I would expect. These aren’t iPhone videos. They have camera men. Modern-day thugs have videographers. If you consider yourself a thug, and you don’t have a videographer in 2012/13, then you’re just not really about that life, homie.

This whole thing seems unreal to me. These dudes are serious. Regardless of how ridiculous I think Rick Ross is and how much I long for him to restrain his man-breasticles within the confines of a shirt, his life seems to be in jeopardy. It would be a shame for him to be physically attacked, and maybe killed, over something so trivial.

I’ll be honest, my heart hurt a little watching that video and seeing how passionate these dudes are about what I perceive to be a worthless cause. From their perspective, their family has been disrespected. Honor has been jeopardized. From my perspective they’re directing their passions and energy toward a cause that gains them nothing in the end regardless of whether they get redemption or not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on Rick Ross’s side. I’m not on anybody’s side. Both sides are equally ridiculous. But only one side is talking about killing somebody in the name of some dude who started a street gang. These dudes are willing to die in the name of this dude. How silly is that?!

The hard truth is that a thug who dies with the honor of his hood still dies. What then? What happens next? …We’ve got to do better.

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-Erik (@WalkSays)

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